July 19, 2024

5 thoughts on “Saturday – 1 Oct

  1. Check your email, JJ. I just sent you the whole article on Calbayog’s future mall, complete with the gigantic photo. It appeared small on their website but when I pasted it via the yahoogroups’ website… !!!

  2. OK, what the heck is pajak pajak? I know what a trisikad, tricycle, and habal-habal are. But then again, those are Visayan/Bisayan/Cebuano/Kinana terms.

    How about posting a photo of each one, JJ? I saw an article about an allegation that the Waray youth prefer to speak in Tagalog or English. Maybe that’s why you’ve picked Tagalog/Pilipino words [and used them in your blog] rather than Waray terms since you’re in Samar. I don’t know how or where “pajak pajak” fits.

    I still have a difficult time weeing the whole width of this comment section. It doesn’t matter whether I use the desktop or the laptops. Don’t have this problem with anything I read online. I know beach, beach, beach!
    Na hala, sige.

    1. Pajak-Pajak is the bicycle with the side car, not the motorcycle. That’s what they call it around here, that’s all I can tell you about that.
      Seriously Winda I don’t know what to tell you about that width thing. No one else has said anything about it recently. Two other did before but the adjustment of the “Settings” under “Properties” fixed it in both cases. They just increased the # of pixels and it was fine.

      1. “pajak-pajak” is a tagalog term, the visayan term used is “traysikol” while in english it is known as “pedicab/rickshaw”

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