July 21, 2024

10 thoughts on “Friday – 30 Sep

  1. another hotel based in Cebu, a middle class subdivision (owned by Sta. Lucia Realty) and another mall (Prince Warehouse Club) are also to rise in Calbayog.

    1. Oh really. That’s good. Is the Prince Warehouse Club like a big store that sells food in bulk? I’ve never heard of them. Oh I guess I could look them up on the Internet.
      When is all this suppose to happen?
      I tried looking it up on the Internet, but it doesn’t really tell me what I want to know. Are they just a big department store?

      1. It’s a small mall, they already identified a 1,300 sq. meter lot owned by Christ the King College, they will construct a 2-storey building @magsaysay blvd. in the downtown area

        1. I think I know the spot. In fact when we walked back from the hospital to Joyous Eatery twice we passed by the spot. Of course I’m not sure it’s the same spot, but I’m pretty sure. Is there a sign up or something? It was night time both times I’ve been there recently.

  2. I think qais is right you update every day and if anyone has a comment you answer right away.There is another guy
    Dave i think is his name,has a bog about samar and lives in calbayog,wasgood at the start but is not updated much anymore.I really like stuff about samar,except the brownouts.

    1. I’m glad you agree with Qais.
      The only Dave I know with a blog is at http://www.philippinesplus.com/ and he seems to update pretty often. Maybe not everyday, but at least 3 or 4 times per week.
      Of course since he lives close to Iloilo, he reports more on what’s happening in that area.

  3. well, maybe one of the reasons for the sudden outburst of views to your blog is that I featured it as my signature, so every time I posted the link to your website appeared, and I posted in a lot of different threads in the Philippines for more to know of our blog

    1. It’s very possible. It sure doesn’t hurt for you to do that, and you’re right maybe it is responsible for the sudden outburst.
      If it is, Thanks for doing it. If it’s not, Thanks for doing it.
      Just wondering why you wanted to use my blog though? There are many blogs out there. Does this one have some sort of special appeal or something?

      1. out of all the blogs I’ve read, this one is the most updated, and it has a friendly moderator/owner that you can talk/chat to, most blogs don’t have that

        1. If they don’t constantly update and or have someone to answer questions for them, then they aren’t much of a blog if you ask me.
          Whatever the case, I’m going to continue being me and hope it’s good enough.

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