May 27, 2024

6 thoughts on “Sunday – 2 Oct 2011

  1. The new malls will certainly make Calbayog more livable for me. I think I want the malls more than my wife.

    1. I assume you mean you want the malls more than your wife wants the malls. Not that you want the malls more than you want your wife.
      Now if they can do something about the electric, the phone and the Internet, maybe it will be a lot more pleasant around here, even though it’s pretty nice now.

      1. Haha. You are right. It would be easy to misinterpret my phrasing.
        Things have improved dramatically in Calbayog since my first trip there in 2006 and I believe we will see improvement in the services you mentioned. The arrival of the malls will put pressure on those providers to step up their game.

        1. I know you love Jen and your lucky to have her.
          My first trip here was also in 2006, May. Your right, things have already improved, especially the roads, and it looks like things will be getting even better in the near future.
          I love it.

  2. Maybe with all these new shopping centers being built in Calbayog my wife won’t get bored after 2 weeks and we can stay longer then a month in Samar every year.

    1. Maybe so. Things are starting to look up around here. Overall the Philippines is still a mess, but I guess everything can’t be cured in one day.

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