May 24, 2024

6 thoughts on “Pizza Factory

  1. I liked the menu where on some of the pizzas, they list “ground meat”. Ok, that could be anything. I think I would pass on that.

    Shakey’s would be a very welcome addition. They have pretty good pizza and their wings and pasta are good also.

    I probably have said this more than once in this site but I will say it again. The WORST pizza I ever had in my life was at JJ’s in Calbayog. I have never been back there. My wife still laughs about the look on my face when I had my first bite.

    1. Yeah I think I would pass on the “ground meat” also. I’ll have to be careful though because even when I first read your “ground meat”, my mind automatically saw “ground beef”.
      I have had their pasta at Shakey’s and it was good. I have not tried their wings yet. I never heard of JJ’s, but I know NOT to get the pizza there.

      1. You’ve never heard of JJ’s because I meant JC’s Hotspot. My bad. JJ’s is a grocery store in Angeles City. 🙂

  2. Had their pizza b4 nothing special, pretty much same as anywhere else in town, Like a bad Tombstone pizza back in USA, we have not tried anything else there yet so we need another trip in to really review their menu.

    1. It is near impossible to find a good pizza around here. That’s why I’ll be glad when Shakey’s gets to town.

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