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6 thoughts on “Monday – 7 Feb 2011

  1. Hi John, thanks for the info on the Hotels,it beats finding out the hard way and waisting time that we don’t have when we are on Vacation………JC

    1. No problem JC. That is why I put it on here, to try to make everyone’s vacation easier. That is also why I have the car service, the tourist service and the service to make reservations at those hotels for you. Next month I will be checking out all the eating places at those hotels, plus a few more popular restaurants in the area and will critique them on here also. I hoping that that will be helpful also. Plus I hoping to make a few pesos in the process, but if I don’t, it’s okay. Just stop by to say Howdy, and we’ll have a beer, soda, coffee, tea or something.

  2. Nice post on the hotels. MOst of the hotels in RP dont seem to have decent websites or reservation systems. Dont know how they generate their bookings, guess rely on travel agents/pachages.

    How about dedicating a post on what there is to do in Calbayog for a tourist? Beaches, hiking, nightlife, etc…


    1. You’re right about the websites. The Ciriaco is the only one that has one of the 6 I posted and it’s not much of one. As far as the reservation system goes, I’m not sure. I guess if you call them you can make a reservation. Y’all really don’t have to worry about that though. If you read the first page of the Calbayog Hotel tab (click on the Calbayog City Hotels), then you know that for a nominal fee (sorry I need to make a living too) I will take care of your reservation for you. All I’ll need is your information, which I still need to find out what all that entails.
      I’ve not only been thinking about dedicating a post to that information, I’ve been thinking about either adding more pages so it’ll be available for all, all the time, with easy access from the front page, or also been thinking about dedicating a whole new blog to that. The whole blog would take a lot more work, but if I can find enough information, it’d be worth it…at least I hope so. At the very least I will be adding more pages letting everyone know of some things that go on around here. That will get me out more and also help me familiarize myself with the area too. All of course with lots of pictures.

  3. Hi John, your last few days have been full of info.Really enjoyed reading and getting to see the new hotels.It has been about two and half years since we were there and things have change alot,for the better i think.At that time we stayed at Marju Krisel,it looks like the have upgraded alittle and put some new furniture in there rooms.I recomend this place we really liked it,food was good and not to expensive for calbyuog.One thing for people that pay with credit card,they dont accept them so bring enough cash.I think starting car service is a good idea for you as people like me it would be good to have a
    car pick us up as we have about hour drive to our place.I
    think if you had price with just driver would be good for guys like me.It also seems like more expats are showing up there which is good for all of us.

    1. Thanks Wayne, I worked hard on those hotel pictures and obtaining the information. I may try to do 1 or 2 more, if I can find some that are not the “rent by the hour type”. There must be more somewhere around here.
      Next I think I’m going to start checking out restaurants and give my review of those. I’m limited on the type of food I’ll eat here though, so it’ll be mostly about the service and how clean each place is. I will try some there though and am thinking about bringing someone with me that does eat a lot of the different types of foods to get his/her opinion.
      If you read the blog this evening, the 8 Feb, there will be more information about the car service, but I still have not worked out all the details for that. I want to be sure I have as much detail as possible to publish.

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