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18 thoughts on “Monday – 25 Jul 2011

    1. No sorry. I haven’t heard anything, except a small rumor that one of them, Gaisano I think, that was thinking about moving to another city instead. I believe Catarman or something like that was mentioned. I’m not for sure though, because it was all in Tagalog and I was trying to piece it together.

      1. well actually gaisano’s plan is to build malls in both catarman and calbayog, but Its been a long time since I last heard of gaisano, by the way, Mang Inasal Calbayog is now open

        1. I haven’t hear much either, as I said. Where is the Mang Inasal?
          Samar could be it’s own Region soon? That sounds good.
          What is the first district of Samar?
          Didn’t they just change Western Samar to plain Samar not to long ago, or something like that.

  1. hello i love ur site/blog. im in the air force well going to be start nov. 6. have u or have any of ur fam heard of Iglesia ni Cristo?

    1. Hello thanks for stopping by and giving this site a look. Really glad you ‘love’ it. Just starting in the Air Force huh? I guess the US Air Force? November is a good month to start basic training if you don’t like to workout in the heat. I went through in July/August and it was really hot. Of course we’ve heard of Iglesia ni Cristo, there are many of them here.
      Well good luck in the Air Force and basic training is not that hard, just don’t let the TI mess with your mind and remember to say “Sir”.
      You probably won’t get too much time to check out the blog in basic, but I hope you enjoy it before than and after.

      1. o your welcome. yea the u.s. my job is going to be radiologist. i know i wont but imma miss going on it when im in bmt and tec school.

        1. Radiologist … good choice. Good pay and lots of openings. In Tech School you will have a better chance. From BMT to Tech School is like 3 times better as far as freedom is concerned. When you get to your actual job, it’s another 3 times better than Tech School. Where is the Tech School for Radiologists?

          1. Oh.. TEXAS… cool. I thought they closed that place down. Or is Sheppard in Illnois .. oh my goodness I can’t remember.

      2. i live in cali. my dad is filipino and my mom is american. their moving there in lucapon i think thats how to spell it, in april of next year

        1. Yes, that’s how you spell it. It’s in Zambales. I may take a break from my Regions and put some pictures of Lucapon, also known as Lacapon, Locapon, in the post today. If my electric stays on today. It was out all night last night. Dad Filipino and Mom American … that’s opposite of what normally happens, but it’s still nice. I guess that would make you guwapo then? I don’t know about such things in guys though. April next year, we’ll be back in Texas, I hope. But we’ll come back to the Philippines in July next year.

          1. o ok thats kool. yup ur right. i wanna go outside of the base on the weekend during tech school i can look around hopefully.

  2. J, I dont know if it just my machine and brower but it seems that comments and old articles are getting chopped at the margins and cant be read. Though you should know


    1. My sister and a couple of others had that problem. They just changed their resolution to a lower amount and it worked fine. Maybe it will work for you too. Let me know because no one else has said anything about it, and I’m not having a problem.

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