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8 thoughts on “Tuesday – 26 Jul 2011

  1. UMBRELLAS? DONT NEED NO STINKING UMBRELLA! I am the same way, baseball cap yes, umbrella no. The mark of a Kano I guess

    1. I guess, because that’s me. I don’t mind wearing a baseball cap. That’s just as good as an umbrella in a lot of cases anyway.

    2. Well, that solves MY problem about keeping dry. Walking between a couple of tall Kano’s should provide shelter from the rain…he, he. Our destination: the nearest beer house to share a pitcher (or two) of some cold MoJo’s with a couple of USAF and US Army pukes! Oh well, as long as you guys respect me in the morning…he, he. Respectfully –Jake, a retarded Navy puke.

      1. Well I think that your payment for us keeping you dry is for you to buy the first 2 pitchers of beer and then we’ll take turns after that, if we still want more. After all that beer though, you’ll have to keep below your waist dry by yourself. We ain’t helping there.

  2. Good morning UJ from Southern CA. Well, it looks like I have found a good reading material with my first morning coffee. As mentioned before, your blogs are eye candies full of colorful photos that really pops. Additionally, your “useless knowledge and Philippine history” satisfies my daily curiosity. Thank you sir — Jake
    PS — I would take that walk out with you, the hell with the umbrella.

    1. Well I’m glad there is someone that enjoys it that much. It’s always good to hear of the things that people like or even dislike about the website. I’m always glad when I don’t see any bad things though. It must mean I’m doing EVERYTHING right. I’ll do my best to keep it up to date and interesting. What do you think about the links I put under the Useless Knowledge. I just recently started doing that but I haven’t gotten any feedback on it yet.
      Yeah to hell with the umbrella, I don’t want to look like a bakla (sp) carrying a flowery or pink umbrella. With the way the wind blows you’re probably going to get almost as wet anyway.

  3. there has actually been plans to make a new province namely Northwest Samar comprising the first district of Samar, there was also a plan to make a new region comprising only Samar island

    1. Qais,What do you think would be the benifit to Samar and the people of Samar.Maybe more funds heading there than going to the bigger cities,for roads and the power grid.

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