July 19, 2024

8 thoughts on “Sunday – 19 Jun 2011

  1. I stayed at the Pepperland Hotel and would recommend it. It was clean, the generator kept the aircon on during brown-outs and the staff was great.

    1. Good to know. From the pictures I saw it looked nice. It was actually the first one I was going to check if we decided to go back there.

      1. If you stay in one of the rooms in the back of the hotel, you’ll have a great view of Mt. Mayon and Lingon Hill. And you won’t be too near the night club.

        1. I’ll try to remember that, if I’m not there to party or the volcano is not acting up too much. Always good to have a nice view to wake up to.

  2. BTW, when I try to click through on your ad choices section, it does not take me anywhere. Not sure if its an issue on my internet (firewall) or something else.

    1. No one else has said anything and I’m not allowed to click on them because they are monitoring me and it’s part of the agreement to have the ads on the site.
      Is anyone else having this problem? Which ads? All of them? If it’s all of them and no one else is having the problem, then maybe it is your firewall.

  3. Thanks for the info on Legazpi – that was fast. I will be doing a 5 day to the most southern part of Luzon and hopefully all the way back to the northern tip. But probably take more than 5 days depending on weather. Lots of rain these days.

    1. Well I hope it was the information you were looking for. If you needed something in particular, let me know. I’ll see if I can find it.

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