April 12, 2024

6 thoughts on “Monday – 20 Jun 2011

  1. John, I really like the land of smiles. It was one of the hooks that inspired me to start reading your site. Just my humble opinion.

    1. Hmmm, I wonder if it always ‘hooked’ others to read? I’m just trying different things to get more readers. Maybe I could somehow combine the two. Or maybe I should change it back. Anyone else out there start reading the blog because you saw “Land of Smiles”?
      Thanks for the input John.

  2. hi john. I notice in the pic of the monkey there is only one there now. What happened to its mate ?. The times i have been there is two monkeys. They really should put them in the big cage that has that mean bird to the left of the karoake. take care bud.

    1. Yes there was only 1 monkey. I never knew there were 2, but I was also thinking at the time that even that 1 monkey needed to be in a bigger cage. He didn’t look sad or anything, but I’ll bet he’d be happier in a bigger cage.
      The “mean bird” just look subdued to me. It barely made a sound. Oh and it’s to the ‘right’ of the karaoke. Clearly you need to spend more time here, go ahead and retire now. See ya soon.

      1. Yes i meant the right of the karoake. Get close to that bird and it WIll attack you. stupid thing. The owners son had told me that when that bird dies the monkeys will be put back in that larger cage. Dont know why they would give that big cage to that stupid bird anyways. YES retire soon to phili for 6mnths then back to canada for six. love it !!!

        1. I didn’t get close enough for it to attack me, because it was funny looking. It’s a little intimidating. I don’t know why either, maybe to fly around. But I hardly saw that bird move at all. The monkey did a lot of moving around.
          That was our original plan 6 months in the PI and 6 months in Texas, but that probably won’t happen. It will be more like 7 or 8 months in the PI and 4 or 5 months other places, including Texas.

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