April 21, 2024

7 thoughts on “Monday – 11 Apr

  1. BELATED HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, JJ and Lita !!! Yes, I was shouting, sorry. I haven’t had a chance to visit your blog regularly; always on the go. Sounds like you had a decent anniversary. Maybe plan fireworks and a band next time! 🙂

    Now I have to get caught up with your blog…


    1. Well I didn’t know you wasn’t reading, but I did know that it’s been awhile since your last comment. For our next anniversary we plan, right now, to be in Texas and probably will be going to Nami’s. That is a Japanese restaurant there. We love the habachi grill experience.
      Thank you for the anniversary happiness. 31 years. Man that’s a long time, isn’t it? Oh well, it’s been ‘mostly’ good and nothing terrible.

  2. Hey John. Just home now few hours ago and already planning my next trip to calbayog. Was nice to see you in town there when we were there. One thing to note about that beach is if you go past it just alittle ways down the road there is a place called the Seven Stations of the Cross. Its amazing and really should be a visiting point for people. I have lots of pics and when i download them i will email them to you. Hope all is well there with you and Happy Anniversary !!!!

  3. Congrats on 31 years John and Lita. Jen and I will hit 3 years in July and again in August. We had a civil ceremony in Angeles in July 08 and the big church wedding in San Joaquin in August 08. The civil ceremony was so that we could get married in the church since I am not Catholic. Of course, my wife expects anniversary gifts for both dates. :-))

    Mayonnaise on a taco? That is just plain wrong!! I have to try the cheese sticks though. I do love those things.

    I have been to Malajog Beach once. It is not my favorite beach. As I recall, it is pretty rocky there, just like Magino’o Beach which is a little further north. Jen went to a beach north of San Joaquin called Spice Beach (at least that is what it says in her facebook). It is a beautiful, white sand beach and you can rent kubo huts there for P100 for the day. Little George loves playing in the water. The beach at San Joaquin is nice and sandy also but there are so many fishing boats there that it is not a great place for a swim but I have swam there many times.

    2 days till wheels up!!

    1. Of course she wants gifts for both anniversaries, she’s a woman.
      Yeah that mayo really surprised me, I sure wasn’t expecting it. Why would anybody expect that though?
      Malajog Beach is not that bad. It’s not very rocky, but it’s not nice white sand either. The first part of the ocean during low tide is a nice sandy bottom that is good for the children to play in. Plenty of water for them. You have to go out quite a ways for the water to be over your head.
      During high tide the children only have a few feet to play in the water though. You only have to go out about 50 feet or so for the water to be over your head.
      I have had no bad experiences there, but there are no ‘huts’, only covered picnic tables. The ones that include water and CR are P300 per day and the picnic tables only are P150 per day.
      I should ask about “Spice Beach” to see we can try that out. It takes long enough to get to Malajog. How much further would we have to drive from our house?
      Thanks for the Congrats. 31 years is a long time and sometimes it seems longer, but I’m not going anywhere. She’s stuck with me.

    1. Thanks. We’ll try to accommodate you on that second ‘many’. We ain’t getting any younger, dang it.

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