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8 thoughts on “Saturday – 9 Apr 2011

  1. I would see no problem of getting into BX or commissary to buy stuff unless they have agreement with country of what you can take outside of gate without paying taxes on it like US had with Philippines. We also had limits of what we could buy and take off base. Check your Card it says on front expiration date INDEF but if you turn it over, there is in small print of when it has to be renewed. I don’t know why they came up with expiration dates for retired card, unless they just wanted you to show up wants in awhile to make sure you are alive and still kicking and know one else is receiving benifits.

    1. I don’t plan to actually carry too many things off base. I’m actually hoping to have a place on base that has balikbayan so we can send it to ourselves here. Not sure if I can do that, but I’ll see.
      Yeah I know about the expiration on the back. Mine is not until 2022, so no worries there. Lita just got a new ID before we left, but from what I understand, in Korea, she would not be allowed to shop with it anyway, only the sponsor is allowed, for Retirees.

  2. I thought you could bring into country processed meat as long as it is not raw. I know when my wife and her sister went to Philippines for funeral they would take a cooler fool of meat and other foods that was already processed. They was not stopped at airport.

    1. You are right George. When I head back to the Philippines in about 3 more days, I will have processed meat and other processed foods in my suitcase.

      I have lots of jerky for you John, along with some more lemonade kool-aid and some corn nuts and trail mix too.

      1. Well that’s good to know because I know you’ve done the trip many times. When I finally get back to the US, I’ll be sure to bring some with me. That probably won’t be until next March though.
        Alright…beef jerky, kool-aid, corn nuts and trail mix. Something to look forward to. The stuff that Blair brought me last time is gone already, and it was good. The corn nuts went surprisingly fast. I told them that the corn nuts from the US were better than the little things they have here that pass for corn nuts. They believe me now. Trail mix was popular too, in fact a few people liked it better than the corn nuts. So basically both were a hit. EVERYONE likes the beef jerky, so I have to be a little greedy with that because its’ so hard to come by. If it was easy to get I wouldn’t be so greedy though. Even the lemonade ice candy is one of the most popular ones we sell. With the stuff that Lita mixes in there with it, it tastes a little like Mountain Dew, according to the children, so we just call it Mountain Dew ice candy. Just let me know how much all that will be and we’ll be sure to have it when you show up.
        I think when I come back from Texas next year I will send some Big Red, Dr. Pepper and a couple of other soft drinks that they do not have here, so people can taste it.
        I will send it in a balikbayan box though, no hurry.

    2. Maybe it’s okay with the American and Philippine customs then. I wonder about the Korean customs? I hope I can because I’d like to buy a large ham at the commissary in Korea and have a big party for everyone here. They think they have had ham, but I know they have never tasted what most Americans have. It’s like the beef here. Most people don’t or won’t eat it. Not always because it costs so much, but also because it’s nothing special. If they had some USDA beef, I’m sure they’d like it a lot. Would deli meat be considered raw?

      1. I would think that some deli meat would be ok. I am considering bringing some ham and salami for sandwiches. I would think the sealed packages made by Oscar Mayer or Hormel, etc., would be ok. I have not found any decent salami or ham in the Philippine markets and I miss having a decent deli type sandwich. I had a wonderful Spicy Italian sub sandwich today from Subway. I wish there was one of those in Angeles or Calbayog.

        You would have to send your soft drinks by balikbayan box as they would never let you through customs in the States with cans of soft drinks.

        As for what I am bringing you, the total cost amounts to…..drum roll….zero..cuz it is a gift. 🙂

        3 days till wheels up.

        1. Zero? That’s not necessary, but thanks. I just told Lita as she walked in the door, and she said Thank You also. That’s the same price that Blair charged me.
          A Subway here would be great if they had the same meats as all the other Subways. I love that Spicy Italian sandwich at Subway. It’s my 2nd favorite one. The newer Fiesta is my favorite. There are so many of their sandwiches I do like. I’ve tried about 95% of their sandwiches and the ones I haven’t tried, I don’t want to or they might have some newer ones since we’ve left.
          Yes I figured I’d have to send it balikbayan, but I’m going to be sending bottles, I’d be scared to send cans, they’d probably explode in the box.

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