July 20, 2024

4 thoughts on “Monday – 1 Nov 2010

  1. Hello, entertaining blog as always. I believe you will gain a big following in time. All it will take is patience. One tip is to always leave the address to this blog on any forums or boards where you read. There is one lady who writes a blog about making money from blogging and online stuff. Her address is paidopps.blogspot.com although I could not get on the site tonight. Must be down for some reason but her early blogs have all the basics on publicity for blogs, and it’s free. Peace.

    1. It’s hard being patient though. I leave my blog address in almost every site I go to. Sometimes I hit enter before I put it in though because I get so wrapped up in what I’m writing, then I forget to enter my blog address.
      I also could not get into her site, it looked like to me it might have been deleted, but maybe not.

  2. The traffic will be very interesting for your guest when they arrive.For sure the one with the most guts gets the right of way,and you also have to know when to give alittle also.I think the bus are the worst on the roads I
    have been run off the road twice when i was on a moter bike, they are the
    ones you learn to yield to.With all the unorganized traffic you hardly ever see any accidents,its amazing alot of give and take.I think driving a car in
    Calbayog around the pedicabs is worse than around cars,they are real wild.

    1. Yes the traffic is an eye openers, especially since usually your first experience is in Manila. There, there is a combination of all the different kinds of traffic, and lots of it. And lots of pedestrians to add to the mix too. It will be interesting to see their faces.

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