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18 thoughts on “Thursday – 7 Oct 2010

  1. Yes, Mom I’m on top of that….lol. UJ I don’t know if I buy that but I’ll forgive ya cause I love ya!!! LOL.
    Thank you all for the great tips about getting larger bills before we come and about scanning our important documents.

    1. Don’t thank me, thank Winda. She brought the subject up. I probably would not have remembered.

  2. Well I made it to Tokyo now. I am in the Delta lounge. The flight to Manila leaves in about 90 minutes. Good Lord, I am tired!!

    1. Inching your way closer all the time.
      Yeah, tired, I know. You get that way on those international flights easy.

  3. Do they still have the 2 separate terminals for PAL and the rest? I think the new terminal 3 is for PAL and 1 is for other international. But they are supposed to move eveything to the new terminal in the near future. They are quite a distance apart.

    1. That is my understanding too. I know PAL has a separate terminal, and you can take a bus from the international terminal to the PAL terminal, if you have a ticket on PAL.

    2. PAL has their own terminal. Terminal 3 has PAL Express and Cebu Pacific and a few other inter-island airlines. I hate NAIA. I could have flown into DMIA Clark but that would have meant some airline other than Delta and I have 300,000 miles in my Delta Sky Miles account so NAIA is really my only choice.

    3. If your port of entry is Manila and you’re taking another airline for the local flight [for instance: PAL to Manila and Cebu Pacific to Tacloban], there is now a complimentary, air-conditioned bus that will take you to the local airport. Yes, complimentary, and it goes both ways. Cebu Pacific incidentally is dirt cheap compared to PAL’s local airfare. To lessen the overweight baggage charge (much lower baggage weight allowance between local airports – of course you don’t have to worry about this if you’re using PAL all the way to your final destination) you can check your luggage to go as cargo on the same flight you’re taking. Do so as soon as you get to the local airport in Manila before you check in for your flight. Head straight to the cargo area of the local airline that you’re taking. Lots of uniform guards you can ask for direction. Otherwise, the overweight luggage charge is a killer.

      The a/c comp buses are no different from the ones in NorthAm. Very comfortable. Currency: forget about traveller’s checks. Credit cards for the bigger department stores in the cities and cash for the outlaying areas are easiest. Change just enough to get by at Manila international airport’s forex kiosk, then money changers [pick a safe place like malls] once you’re out of the city are very handy. Make sure you ask your NorthAm bank to give you their newest bills. The money changers offer a slightly better rate on larger currencies [50s or 100s, the larger the better] and they do refuse torn or otherwise ‘unslightly’ bills. Men, never place valuables in a back pocket as pickpockets exist all over the world. 🙁 A money belt for both genders is a good idea. There is a dependable money changer inside Robinson’s mall in Tacloban; upstairs at the rear of the building to the left but I can’t remember the name just now. I know nothing about Catbalogan but JJ and Lita do.

      Scan all your cards and important documents and email them to yourself so that you can access that info anywhere there’s internet if you ever lose it/them while on the go.

      An open mind and an understanding heart will guarantee a good experience. All for now, ladies and gents! 🙂

      1. I didn’t know that information about the complimentary bus, thanks for that info. I already knew Cebu Pacific was less expensive than PAL. I’ve never taken PAL within the PI.
        I forgot to tell Jaclyn to get the larger and newer bills before coming here. Also, not keep all your money in one spot on your body. Put it in 2 or 3 places, but the money belt is where you should keep the bulk of it. Lita made a money belt for herself before we came over here. We don’t know that much about Catbalogan, but Titing and Neneng lived there for many years, they know.
        I’ve never thought of scanning my important documents. Luckily I’ve never had a need for it either. But it wouldn’t hurt, just in case.

  4. Hi JJ!

    The thumbnail photos on this date are no longer links that you can click on to take you to a larger image, did you notice that? Big monster could just as easily be MALAKING [big] HALIMAW. Napakalaking just means in today’s idiom, “It’s soooo big,” or something to that effect. Actually that word is made up of two: “napakali” and “nga” shortened to “ng.” Like contracting “it is” to “it’s” – except that the apostrophe isn’t used. Yup, you got the pronounciation just tickety-boo. Triple A+ !

    JJ wasn’t kidding when he advised newcomers to bring lots of hankies for the shock, so brace yourselves. Inspite of such unspeakable poverty in many areas, you can easily get a smile from those who don’t know where their next meat is coming from, when, or if it’s coming at all.

    I’m sure you’re all going to have quite an experience. Enjoy! 😉

    1. Forgot to explain that the root word is “malaki” – big. The “ng” at the end is stands for the word “nga” obviously without the “a” at the end. And you’ll have to get Lita to pronounce that, JJ.

      Guava. I only eat it when it has a bit of a “give” when you press it, otherwise the optimum taste is missing, and you could break a tooth when it’s not ripe. Too ripe and it’s not good either.

      I’d have to say the best mangoes are those grown in the island of Cebu, but the ones growing in our little town can give them a run for their money. 🙂 Have you eaten lanzones?

      1. I don’t eat guava at all. Haven’t found one I liked.
        Not sure on the lanzones. I might I tried it, but if I did, I didn’t like it, because I’m not bugging Lita for it.

    2. Okay, I fixed the photo problem. It was my fault. I was clicking on things yesterday and didn’t know the affects of a particular click.
      And Jaclyn is very sensitive.
      That’s why we call this place The Land of Smiles

  5. lol i was goin to tell him that 2 jaclyn but i see u have it covered..yes john when a woman gets married most of the time they take the mans last name…lmao duhhh

  6. UJ you will need to stand under the “M” cause I’m no longer an “F” (thank goodness….lol) I will have to make note of all of that so that I will remember how things go when we get there. Make sure you let me know if things change before we visit.

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