July 19, 2024

6 thoughts on “Friday – 4 Feb

  1. John I was at another site I read and there was a article
    might of interest to you.It is about the VA
    medical dept at the US embassy in Manila.
    It sounds like they have opened a new
    medical facility.I thought this might be of
    interest to you with your medical problems.
    If you are interested the site it is www.
    harry the horse.com He lives in Angeles
    and puts out a article the first of the
    month and has ifo about angeles,subic and
    other parts of the PI that are helpfull to
    expats.hope there is some info of help to

    1. Thanks for the info Wayne. I’ll go check it out, but I don’t really have any medical problems. It’s just that gout that comes up once in awhile. As long as I take my meds, that shouldn’t be a problem from now on.
      But I still will check out the site because you just never know, and it could also be of hope to someone else when/if they ask me.

  2. And by the way… across the street from the ceriaco, visit john and his little store. Very conveniant and the BBQ at nite is a real treat. Cant wait to come there again soon and see you all. Tell Lita to put the coffee pot on. hehe

  3. Hi john. Just wanted to add for your readers that the Ceriaco is a very nice hotel for sure and will be much much better when the construction is finished. As of right now they have four floors with only limited rooms available on each floor. the fourth floor is not in use except for banquet facilities. Rooms on 2nd floor, four available and first floor , 2 available. 3rd floor , four available rooms. Still lots of hamming and painting happening there and at a snails pace. The ocean side is completely under renovation for the new docks and beach. Nothing is done out there yet. But all in all a very very nice clean hotel.

    1. I hope everyone that is interested is reading this then. Blair does have that first hand experience at the hotel.

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