February 24, 2024

2 thoughts on “Thursday – 29 Sep 2011

  1. You mean they didn’t ask for a hostage to stay at the hospital to insure the bill got paid. Was there in May and my Gallbladder started acting up first night after getting off plane. Went to emergency room in Manila they took test and kept me there until next day. I told wife there was nothing she could do and should just go back to her cousins house and come back next day. Well when she started to leave they stopped her at the door and told her she had to stay until the bill was paid. I guess they thought she would not come back to pick me up and pay the bills. They wanted to operate on me, but from looking around at the hospital I said thanks but no thinks just give me some pills so I can make it back to states. Had to cut stay short in Samar. Made it back to states and had gallbladder removed thats another story. Do not let a doctor tell you that there is such a thing as routine surgery. I beleive in Murphy’s Law.

    1. They do try to make you stay until you pay, that’s like an unwritten law. Legally they have no right, not even in the Philippines. Most people won’t say anything, I didn’t.
      My only stay there was about P6000 and the security guard does have a gun. I think a lawyer could have gotten you home or as someone told me, a signed note making a promise to pay the hospital. I think, if possible, I’d not want to get surgery around here either. Maybe in one of the big cities: Manila, Cebu or Davao, but not here, unless absolutely necessary.

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