February 24, 2024

4 thoughts on “Blog Eyes and Hot Chatty

  1. We got back from Cebu early Sat morning watched the lihts of Samar go out as the boat approached land, a friend had texted me that the power would be out Sat so we expected it, I emailed you a copy of the hotel brochure i hope you got it, it was a nice, clean,centrally located spot in cebu and reasonable priced we thought.ame home with a new coleman cooler on wheels and about p9000 in grocerys so we are set for awhile, got some ground beef , sauerkraut,canned tomatos going to teach wifey to make a big pot of cabbage rolls next week.

    1. Welcome back Rick. You got back just in time for the brown out, lucky you.
      I did get an e-mail from you with information, but the picture that opened was not for a hotel. So I have no idea which hotel it is.
      P9000 in groceries? Wow! Seems like that would be a lot to carry back, even with the cooler.

    1. Hello. I did go by and visit your site and I liked it. I have added your site to my Blogroll.
      Thanks for checking me out and I hope you will visit again.

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