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5 thoughts on “Sunday – 12 Dec 2010

  1. Banyo is bathroom in both tagalog & visayan.
    Kubeta is toilet in tagalog.
    Kasilyas is toilet in visayan (as Winda correctly points out).

    1. Thanks for the information. That’s what I get for depending on that Tagalog dictionary and not consulting my asawa or another Filipino.
      I made that mistake before and said I wouldn’t do it anymore, but I was pretty sure I was right on this one, guess not, and no one was available.
      Thanks for the correction and thanks for reading and commenting. Hope to share your wisdom in the future.

  2. Hi JJ!

    “Banyo” for me means “bathroom.” Kasilyas is toilet. But then again, Calbayog might use the terms differently. 🙂

    You’re right about the electricity. If a small company can provide alternate power source that is very dependable (heavy on the VERY) it is bound to kill the competition. Maybe you should go into that business, JJ. Just for your barangay, to start.

    I managed the other day to read the story on how you and Lita met, typed my comments, but I’m not sure I posted it before I had to leave. So I may be repeating myself when I say it’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill boy-meets-girl tale! Great to record for posterity. And that was well-written, I agree.

    Keep typing!

    1. That’ true, also some people call a bathroom a toilet.
      I wish I had the money to start something like that, I just might do it, because these brownout things are just unnecessary.
      I told you it was not an everyday boy meets girl story. I doubt anyone else ever had such an adventure.

      Quick Note: There may not be a post for a couple of days. I have another severe case of gout, and even as I type this, it’s really hurting. It may be a couple of days before I can concentrate again.

  3. I have checked prices for generators in Philippines and State side. Cheaper to buy genset in states and send door to door. If you decide to by bigger frig or freezer, do not by Samsung. They will sale them but carry no parts after they break down after a couple of months use. Only can find parts in states none local go figure.

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