April 22, 2024

4 thoughts on “Calbayog Mayor Vows to Resurrect Creation of Northwestern Samar Province after Election

  1. I do not see how another Province will improve what is going on in Samar. When it will just make another Political Office for another Family to Control. The Island of Samar was 1 Province until someone decided it needed more Political Families in Politics to Control it. Has it uplifted the lives of the People since it was Broken up into 3 Province. If so they would not still be on the List of the Most Poorest Island in the Philippines. The only thing More Political Offices bring is More Shootings during Elections so Political Families can keep their Business going to pass on to their Kids. What Samar needs is Less Politics and more Action from the Politicians who are already in Office to up lift the Lives of the People. They need Politicians who will do more then just show up for Paycheck.

    1. I agree George. I afraid that politicians all over the world seem to be not looking after the people, but after themselves and their families instead. I’m sure it’s not that way for all, but the media mostly just shows the bad stuff because it sells better. For sure Samar has more than the average amount of killings, especially during elections. It baffles me as to way they can’t seem to find any of these killers. I still think it’s a nice place to live, but it sure could be a lot nicer.

    1. True, but I suppose that either he is expecting to be re-elected (maybe this is a campaign plug) or he figures that if he’s not, then it might help him in whatever he decides to do after his Mayorship.

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