May 26, 2024

10 thoughts on “Zine Entry #43

  1. Hi John,

    Just caught up on your blog. With my oldest attending a new High School here and all kinds of things happening tied to that I haven’t even been on FB that much either. I read from August to now this morning, lol.

    Mark G.

    1. Cool, you’re caught up. I haven’t done too much recently anyway. I hope to get a post in at least 3 or 4 times a week for now though.

    1. Thank you Tony. I see you seldom leave comments, this is only your 3rd one. I do remember that e-mail name though “Oldhawker”. That pretty hard to forget. I’m glad you are a regular reader and I hope to not get bored with this for awhile or maybe never again get bored with it.

  2. Hi John,Glad to see you back on the site,i am back in washingto stae,spent more time in Alaska than i wanted to.I got all caught up on the back post and was wondering what happend with nothing new.Maybe if you got out and walked around town takeing a few pics of the new things happening with explanation of them,might get you more remarks.Any way good to see you back online

    1. I really do need to do that Wayne. I want to. I have to wait until I get a new camera though. I should get it next week though. I need what that is not a ‘smart’ phone because I just don’t have the smarts to use one of those. Or rather I’d rather not have to go through all the hassle of learning how. I’ll be getting a simple phone/camera combo and will get back to the picture taking. There are quite a few new things to get on the blog.
      When are you going to be heading back this way?

      1. We will be heading back to Samar march of next year for two months,wife wants to be in tigdarano for the fiesta,first one in quite a few years.We are hopeing for good weather and few brown outs.

        1. Well Wayne I can’t promise you the good weather, but I can almost guarantee that you will get those few brown outs that you want in a 2 month span.

  3. Hey John glad to see you have gotten over your cabin fever and decided to pickup your site where you left off. There might be a little change of plans about coming back in Jan. Just got out of hospital last month, had to have two operations on right leg to remove blood clots. Good thing we did not decide to extend our stay by a month like we was talking about or I might have been SOL. Am still under doctors care and when they release me, have couple of trips around US before planning to return to Calbayog. Oh also have jury summons I have to talk myself out of. I bet you miss them. I guess they figure you are retired so you have nothing better to do but sit around waiting for their summons. This is 3rd I have received in 3 years. Will let you know when we decide to return. Am sure Nila will be calling Lita to catch up on lates news and keep you up to date on whats happing.

    1. Well George I’m going to have to get out and do some things more often or I’m probably going to get that cabin fever more often. I just know that if I ever get started on something, I will be alright for awhile.
      Sorry to hear about your problems, but as long as you are doing fine, it’s cool.
      I remember Nila saying y’all have a couple of places to visit before returning. I don’t remember them both, both I do remember Seattle.
      Actually in my whole life I only received a summons for jury 3 times. Only one of those times did I make it to the next round for selection, but I did not get chosen for the actually trial.
      Well when Nila does call, I’m sure that Lita will be happy to talk with her. All that yap yap seems to make her happier most of the time.
      Well we’ll see you when you finally do get here. Hope things go well for y’all.

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