April 21, 2024

6 thoughts on “Philippines Beach Front Property for Sale by Owner

        1. I hope to be around (and writing) for awhile too. I also hope to be able to bring y’all more things so you can see the beauty of the Philippines (and not just the bad that you hear on the news) and especially the beauty of Calbayog City and Samar.

          1. Hey Texan! I was in calbayog this last spring! I would have stopped in for sure had I known there was an expat there! My girlfriend lives in your town and we stayed at the ciriaco hotel. I’m interested in more info about living there. Thanks for blogging! Cheers! Jesse

          2. Howdy Jesse. Well if you were at the Ciriaco, you could have walked across the street and met me. I meet expats staying there often. Stop by next time. What type of information would you like to know about Calbayog? We are getting more and more expats staying here all the time and things are suppose to be improving towards a more modern city, but I hope not too modern.

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