May 25, 2024

11 thoughts on “Zine Entry #12

    1. I can tell you they call it a ‘torta’ and as far as I know, no customer has disputed it. I don’t really know because I don’t buy them. I buy sliced bread, cheese bread and the cinnamon rolls (when they have them). Mostly I buy the cheese bread because even the sliced bread is not near as good as the Gardenia bread. Of course the Gardenia bread costs just over twice as much. P2 for each roll of cheese bread is fine with me, if I just have to have some extra bread for some reason.

      1. I learn something new everyday. The Visaya torta is different from the regular pilipino torta. I googled “pilipino torta” and the images that show up are what we call a torta…more of an omelette style. Interesting. Without your blog I would not have known there was a differnce.

        1. Well I’m glad you learned, so did I. I’m going to Google “pilipino torta” also and see what you saw.
          I hope that we all learn something on at least a weekly basis from this blog.

    2. Hard to confuse a Filipino torta for Filipino bibingka, torta looks like a large cornbread muffin till you have tasted it, and bibingka is more of a round flat about 1 inch thick cake like product kinda like a flat yellow cake, popular with pineapple or coconut cooked inside it and if a “Royal” has a mango glaze on the outside. Not many bakeries in town make bibingka or the egg pie, a custard pie, that’s why we like Joy’s so well plus their unidentified flying object , similar in shape to bibingka but light in texture and color is one of my wife’s favorites.

  1. good article. helps us keep tabs on you. hehe. i am glad you had nice visitors and a few beers to share. If I lived there, my son and I would have came to your get together. the Torta looks burnt but maybe it is only the pic. cinnamon rolls sound good and I would order some for sure. and that is bad news about the house. It is way too overpriced. WOW

    1. I stopped by Metrobank they post a listing of some properties for sale. Sometimes areas like Timanbacan or Dagum can run for as low as P36-P100 a sqm. In town or edge of town can run P3000 – P7000 depending on property location. Now you can build right up to your property lines, no easements required, and even most the distant outside barangay have city water an electric. Just remember the law here will not help you remove squatters already on property you want to buy. It’s common practice, if you want squatters gone you find them another place and help to build their new hut or learn to live with them on your property, give them a job as grounds watchmen, etc.

      1. Rick you are just full of useful information. I wish you were more of a writer. That way you could send me dozens of articles on all the different knowledge that you have acquired and I could post them all. Oh well, I guess it’s sufficient to have the knowledge expressed through these comments, not as effective, but at least the knowledge is out there for others to see.

    2. I’m not sure it was burnt, I wasn’t paying attention, but I did eat one once and it is a little hard, almost like cornbread. Every once in awhile I will ask for cinnamon rolls, but the problem is that not too many people buy them and I have to eat them all. It’s not a problem for me to eat them all, and that’s the problem. I guess you get that drift.
      Yes I was surprised when Bruce showed up, but was glad he did, and not only because he brought beer. I was glad to know that there are actually some people out there that follow the blog, but don’t necessarily leave comments. Besides, Bruce was a pretty cool dude.
      George was the first to arrive and he stayed the longest. Lita and I will be going to his house this coming weekend, most likely spending the night there. It will be our first time being in Tinambacan.
      Yes that house was a bit overpriced. I have seen those listings that Rick is talking about, they are plastered on the windows at the bank. I don’t pay much attention to them because I am not in the market.
      I do those Zine articles so people will know a little bit about what could go on here on a regular basis. I’m always happy when it helps someone, somehow. I have very little in my life to hide, and what I do have, I don’t put on the blog. I have a pretty open life here and don’t mind sharing most of it if it will help someone in moving to or adjusting to life in the Philippines.

  2. Thanks for the picture of a torta. I guess a torta is different in Manila. The torta that I’m familiar with is more of a main dish, kind of like an omelet, the type my mom used to make.

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