July 19, 2024

2 thoughts on “Wednesday – 19 Oct 2011

  1. Haven’t heard you bitching about power lately. Did you find out what was giving you problems.? You know you can have Samelco put your house on your own transformer if that is the problem. They will install one on the power pole if you want to pay them for the rent. That was what I had to do for my house outside of Calbayog. It will not help you with low voltage though, during the day. I had meters installed on my power panel so I could read voltage and amps and during day time, voltage drops to 190V but at night voltage reads 290v. This is because power company is to cheap to install voltage regulators in system to keep power voltage constant. Also don’t let them run extension cord if you do this, if you are planning to extend your house like they tried to do to me. Because they will charge you to come out and replace wires. Insure wires are installed to handle load in future after add own to your house.

    1. I figured y’all are pretty tired of reading about the damn power problems I have. It’s still the same problems. I remember you telling me about your own personal transformer, but if it’s not going to help with the low voltage, the it’s useless for me. I expect Samelco to start installing those voltage regulators sooner or later, probably later, but I guess I’ll have to wait.

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