July 21, 2024

4 thoughts on “Wednesday – 12 Jan 2011

  1. John, cats make me sneeze, turn my eyes red,
    and in general, irritate the heck out of me.
    Sorry, cat lovers. Cats are banned inside
    “The Compound”, but there is one cat that
    hangs out in back always mooching for food.
    It helps keeps the snakes away. Neighbors had
    a python in their yard the other day, so I
    guess we’ll keep it around until it pisses
    in my bed.

    1. Well we have those 2 cats that run around here and I have not seen a snake here since I’ve been here.
      I’ve also noticed a reduction in the number of rats. I hate rats. Nasty little creatures.
      Not worth having cat piss in my bed though. I can’t talk my wife out of letting that cat in the bed room or
      even on the bed, but if he gets on my side of the bed, he gets booted, no matter what the asawa says.
      It’s already been tested and now if he starts to get on my side, she grabs it and tells it, No!

  2. you better start drinking more water to keep your kidney functioning right!
    oh, and i woulnt let the cat back in the bedroom anymore either.. tell ur wife “Its the cat or me” lol

    1. Yeah, I know I need to drink the water for the 1 kidney to function better.
      She let it back in, but every opportunity I get, it’s out of the bedroom and off the bed.
      I fixed your double entry problem also.

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