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6 thoughts on “Thursday – 28 Jul 2011

  1. Not bad for less than a couple bucks for haircut and close shave (including tip). I would assume that you’re getting these hits on your website simply because of excellent pictorial journalism — way to go airforce! By the way, how long is that trip down to Tacloban? A couple hours by bus? Stay safe and dry my friend — respectfully, Jake

    1. Yeah it beats the barbershops in the US paying … what is it, around $15 for the haircut and shave? I always got a haircut on base and it was just raised to $6. A shave there was almost that high, but I never got a shave at a barbershop in the US.
      My excellent pictorial journalism??? I didn’t think I was doing anything different than anyone else, even less than some folks. My goal is to make y’all happy and want to read this blog, so whatever turns you on about it, I’ll keep doing. Note: Jake likes the pictures keep it up and improve when/if possible.
      You know, you’d think that I’d know by now how long that trip is, but I’m not sure. I’m going to say that the entire, one-way trip is about 4 hours. I’ll try to remember to time it this trip and implant that time in my memory banks.
      US Air Force – The only way to fly.

  2. P60 for a haircut and a shave!!!!! I am getting robbed, I PAY P40 for a haircut and P40 for a shave at my Barber suke. WHAT A RIP OFF!! But seriously folks, at 86 cents for a straight razor shave? Once I move there for goodI will never shave myself again. 🙂

    1. Some people pay more than that, on purpose, and love it. The barbershop next door to where I got mine was only P25 for a haircut, but I don’t know about the shave.
      I said the same thing about not shaving myself again, but I’d be going to the barbershop at least twice a week, and it’s just cheaper and more convenient to do it at home.

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