June 13, 2024

8 thoughts on “The Texas Trip – The Journey Back Home

  1. Good gravy, JJ. Well, you wouldn’t know to avoid the “big dog” next time if you didn’t have this hairy experience. But there might be such a thing as an “express” Greyhound, isn’t there? 😉

    How does Amtrak rates compare with the bus? Or is there Amtrak service in TX?

    We’re having 90 deg F weather in British Columbia. Just dandy. But had the wettest June and first half of July. What’s it currently doing in Calbayog?

    1. That’s exactly the way I thought about it Winda. It was an unforgettable learning experience. They may have a Greyhound Express, but they didn’t have one going to where I wanted to go.
      Oh we have Amtrak service in Texas alright, but when I checked the prices online, they were really high. I’ll have more on that Amtrak in the next post though, so be sure to not miss it.
      The weather here is now around 80 def F as it is most of the time. We did get a couple of short rain showers yesterday, but all is sunny now.

      1. My experience is that Amtrak isn’t much better than the bus time-wise and costs more than flying. The amenities are a little better but still not so impressive to make me choose them over flying though.

        1. You could be right Mark. I just found an AA flight from Killeen (Ft Hood area) to Sacramento for only $159 (versus the $194 for Amtrak). You have to plan ahead though.
          I get tired of flying sometimes, so if the price is not much different and I’m not in a hurry, Amtrak could be a nice alternative.

  2. Hi John i bet your glad to be back home.That bus ride sounds just like the ones in the Philippines,my god i have seen them stop every couple of blocks sometimes.And then they drive like they are at the Indy 500.
    Did you miss the flooding in manila.

    1. I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about the stopping every few blocks or the Indy 500 thing on top of everything else. I guess I did miss the flooding because it wasn’t even raining when we went to the airport and had no trouble whatsoever getting there.

  3. I took Greyhound once, never again for the very same reasons as you. It took 21 hours to go from Cleveland to Boston with constant stops and strange companions, lol.

    1. I quit riding buses long ago, but I thought I’d give it another chance. This was my first really long distance ride and it was a bad experience, as you read. It won’t be happening again unless I have no other choice. Lita feels the same way too.

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