July 21, 2024

2 thoughts on “The Texas Trip – Kadena to Clark

  1. Philtranco is a nice bus service. From Calrk to NAIA, probably 3hours door to door. If I had enough otice, could have driven up and given you a ride.

    Anyway. sound slike your back home.


    1. Yes Don we are back. So the bus goes straight from Clark to NAIA? Well heck, if we had known that, we would probably have done that instead. Although we did have a bit of luggage with us.
      Nice of you to offer the ride, even after the fact, but we had no idea we were even getting a ride to the Philippines until late and then, as you probably remember from the post, it got changed at the last minute. If we are ever in that situation again though, I will remember the door to door Philtranco ride. Do you remember the price? I wasn’t sure of the P150 I posted.

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