May 22, 2024

9 thoughts on “The Texas Trip – Clark to Manila

  1. I like that ‘New Domestic’ terminal. Clean, safe and some decent food options. Those restaurants upstairs aren’t terribly expensive unless you go to the ones behind 7-11. The fancy sit down ones. You should think about taking something that’s wifi compatible with you when you travel. There is free wifi all over NAIA and many other places. It can help you keep in touch with people if you need to and help you access the web, too. I use my phone, wifi, PSP or netbook to access Yahoo Messenger, Facebook or email.

    1. If we are ever there during the day time and have the money to use, I’m sure I’ll try 1 or 2 of the eating places there.
      Mark I wish I did have something I could use that had WIFI. I just can’t afford to buy anything like that right now. I want a laptop so I will be able to make updates to a post draft and not have to write everything down. I have about talked Lita into agreeing with me, but we still have to have the extra money first. Check out more of my ads on the site, maybe that will do the trick eventually.

  2. Sorry, may have given wrong info on the bus. Checking on their site, cannot tell if it goes to NAIA. But I do know it goes to Mega Mall in Taguig City as its next to where I work and my colleagues have taken it. Its Philtranco, also cant tell what the rates are from their site. From Mega Mall, can take a taxi, should be about p300 and 1 hour if traffic is ok.

    1. It’s okay Don as long as nobody has tried to make that trip from Clark to NAIA yet, and I doubt it. I guess I should check on that bus price though and double check on whether one actually does go NAIA, since you said you was sure. What’s the website name?

        1. Thanks, got it in my “Travel” folder now.
          I also sent them an e-mail to ask about Clark to NAIA.

  3. John, the phone numbers you left me for the cleaning people are no good. I have been calling them on and off for a month now and I can’t get anyone to answer or return my calls. Are there any onther numbers you can give me to get ahold of one of those ladies?

    1. I can’t tell you why they ain’t answering, but they are friends of Violy. You can call her. I’ll send you the phone # via the email you have showing here.

  4. It’s strange about that one line at the AirPhil processing section. When we were there to check in for our flight to Calbayog, all the lines were packed with people, except for the one on the end…it had nobody. So that’s where we went, got processed and NOBODY followed! Strange. Funny thing about your 7 cans of Deviled Ham. Technically, if she let you have even 1, she could have let you have 7! She must have needed only 6 to feed her klan at home. 😆

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