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15 thoughts on “Sunday – 3 Oct 2010

  1. im not saavy on the puter either..lol i can see i didnt make my pic come up..oh well no biggie..

  2. Hi Joyce, To get my photo up I went to a site called Gravitar A globally recognized avatar, and signed up for free. Once you get it any site that you write on will show that same picture. You can also keep a few pics there if you want to change it. Go to the Gravatar site and they’ll walk you through it. I hope this helps… I’m not very computer saavy, but I figured it out.

    UJ maybe you could just grab a cab there to the bike shop. It’s a pretty well known street, and the driver could show you. Also if you google bike shops in Cebu, I think that there are two others listed too. It seems that a lot of people are into biking in Cebu City…

  3. Hi UJ, I was just going to mention that there is a bike shop in downtown Cebu City called YKK Trading, maybe on your next trip there you could check them out. I’ve never been there, but their website says that they have many styles and brands, so you might find something that would work for you. Just a suggestion… Hey, I’m glad that your BBQ is doing well.

    1. I just may check them out. I should have time on our little trip there. I’ll have to get a guide though.
      The BBQ didn’t do so well last night. First time less than P1000. Hoping for a turn around tonight.

    2. Queenie…My sister, Joyce, wants to know how you got your picture to show up on here, so you don’t have to use one of the computer generated pictures.
      I got my picture, but I did it with the WordPress software. Not sure how to do it otherwise.

  4. I know this is “off topic” , but we only get TFC (the Filipino Channel) here. Which Ligaya likes for here daily soap ,Wowowee and few other shows. However, she has been talking about some movies she has seen advertised. I was wondering how much DVDs typically run and if I sent you the $$ if you can send a few? Thanks

    1. I can check, but I’m sure they differ depending on the movie. While we were in Texas, we ordered new movies through TFC. They have a wide variety of them to choose from. You can charge it to your TFC bill. Also, do they have GMA available there? It’s a Filipino movie channel that TFC has. Lita had it in Texas and watched movies on there often.

      1. We can get GNA. But Ligaya never seemed to care for it so we cancelled. We get TFC through our cable company so I havent heard/noticed anything about ordering movies. It’s just like any other “non on demand” cable channel . Ligaya is looking for “I Do” with Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee and “Immortal” with Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz

        1. I’ll do it, if you want, but it’d end up costing more probably, if I can find it. Try this: http://www.abs-cbnglobal.com/
          That’s ABS/CBN Movie site. Also look up ABS CBN Ohio, I didn’t know which area you where in so I couldn’t choose one.
          You should be able to find the place to order movies somewhere on the net.
          We had our TFC through Direct TV, but we also had a contact # for TFC. I can’t remember the # though.
          Let me know.

          1. If you get time to look for them that would be great. I think these are probably new even to the “theaters”

  5. Hi JJ. Good to know your BBQ biz is going great guns. 🙂 All in good time, I say. Also good to know your diet’s working. By the time you go back to good ole US of A no one will recognize you. Hahaha.

    You may have a really diffiuclt time getting a good mountain bike there. Best to get it from NorthAm and have a relative who’s going to visit you bring it over as one checked baggage. The police nomally have yearly sales of unclaimed stolen bikes that they have recovered; a really good one can be bought for a tenth or less of the store price. It can then be packed properly into a carton. They survive the trip rather well.

    How’s the lugaw going?

    Keep typing!

    1. My goal is to make it hard for them to recognize me, but not impossible. Be hard to fool my mother anyway. One of my nephews here said that you may be right about the mountain bike. He’s not sure they make them out of good enough material to hold up to my weight. We’ll have a look at one of the big malls and see what they have there. If not, then we’ll wait until we go to Texas and do as you suggested. I don’t want to burden anyone else with something like that. I probably won’t get that many visitors anyway.
      I don’t know about the lugaw. Lita mentioned it, but I haven’t seen them making any. I’m in the computer room a lot though, so I’ll make a special point of checking it out and letting you know.

  6. Your electricity costs in Texas are far larger than my energy costs in Montana. I heat with natural gas and use electricity for everything else including the ac in the master bedroom. Both bills are set for budget billing which averages out the annual cost. I spend an average of $110 a month for both bills. Of course, I don’t have the ac needs that you have in TX but you don’t have my heating needs either. I am always shocked at our monthly bills for electricity in Angeles which runs as much as 10,000 pesos in some months but we have 3 ac’s there. Last month’s bill was 4,500 but there are only 3 people in the house now until I get back and then it will jump up again. It costs me more in Angeles for energy than it does in Montana. Same thing with the internet.

    I want a mountain bike too as I know it will help me lose weight. The problem is whether you can purchase a bike in Calbayog that will support our weight. You would certainly want to have a good lock or the bike will disappear as fast as a cellphone left lying around. If you do get a mountain bike and it does work for you, let me know so I can get one too.

    1. Yeah we do have to use the a/c a lot in Texas. The heater some, it does get cold, but not near as cold as Montana. Our house was all electric. Man I hope my bill doesn’t come out to 10,000. The 4,500 would be okay though. If I can’t find a mountain bike here to support me, I’ll try in Tacloban or Cebu. There must be one here somewhere. There is also a gym close to downtown that charges P30 per day. That’s the price I got from the relatives anyway. I haven’t been down to check it out personally. I just may be doing that soon though. After I lose a bit more, or I may have to do it anyway to get rid of flab.

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