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5 thoughts on “Monday – 4 Oct 2010

  1. Good news about the internet. I hope that the higher speeds are available in SJ. They told Jen that all we had to do was install a land line. Jen was going to get that moved from her family’s house to our house but, alas, that has not happened yet. I guess too many other things going on to get that taken care of…grrrrrr. She leaves for Manila on Friday so it won’t happen before she leaves. She told me this morning that they have been without electricity for 3 straight days in SJ. 3 days?? That would drive me totally gago.

    How do you send your boxes from TX? Do you have an LBC there?

    1. Hope you do have the internet service there in SJ. That would help you out a lot. You can take care of it when you arrive, it’ll work out, be patient.
      3 days, no electric. That would drive me mad too. We’ve never gone that long here that I know of. Knock on wood.
      Not sure if LBC is available in Texas or not, but we have Forex, same type of service. There is another carrier, but I forget the name of it because we never used it, it might even be LBC. I’d have to ask Lita to be sure though.

    2. Gary if you have any asian stores in your area that is the easiest as almost all
      of them have a Balikbayan service,even the little town in Alaska where i am
      from has three,dosent have to be filipino and most are forex like John said.
      Gary if i could ask you what bank do you use in PI,In jan. i will be in angeles and before we head to calbayog we would like to open a acct there that has a branch in calbayog,do you know of one or two. Two years ago i had one with BPI but closed that one.thanks for any info you can give me.

      1. I don’t know all the banks they have in Angeles, and I’m not Gary, but just for the record the banks here, that I know of, are PNB, Metro, UCPB (mine), Rural Bank, Green Bank, RCBC, Landmark and Citi Savings (not Citibank).

      2. Wayne, I use China Bank in Angeles and my wife uses PNB. I know that there are Metro Banks in Angeles also. When we need to send money to my wife’s family, we deposit it at one of the Metro locations in Angeles and the family can pick it up in Calbayog.
        There aren’t any Asian stores here that I know of. I googled forex and found one in Montana that is 400 miles away. There has to be something closer than that. I will keep looking for options.

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