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12 thoughts on “Sunday – 3 Apr 2011

  1. Thanks Wayne, the mall by the expressway exit is Marquis Mall. They also have a Fridays there which is good but pricey. I had heard that there were two malls on tap for the Subic/Onlongapo area. It has been two years since my last trip to that area but I do enjoy going there.

    John, Black Angus steak houses are located only in a few western states. I checked out their website and they don’t list Montana as one of the states yet there is one only 3 miles from my house. Go figure.

    1. They might have some in Texas, but not in the area where I am from. It’s okay though because we have many, many, many good steak houses.
      Did I mention we had a lot of them?

  2. I’m looking at the Fountain of Justice picture in Bacolod City and I marveled at the traffic flow. It looks orderly. I have never seen that in the Philippines.

    As for the radiation, yes I have read about it hitting the east coast too and some people are worried about it but the amounts are extremely low and don’t pose any health risk. Delta emailed me and said they are running their flights into Tokyo on a normal basis and there is no cause for concern. I have a 2 hour layover at Narita and I am not concerned at all. The airlines have had lots of cancellations of seats into Japan so I am hoping I can get bumped up to first class on the Seattle to Tokyo leg since there seems to be lots of empty seats.

    We have had rain for the last week or so and I woke up this morning to a half foot of snow on the ground so I think that counts as a rain day also. People here ask me if it will be raining when I get to the Philippines and I tell them yes, but it will be a warm rain. 🙂

    1. I noticed that too about the traffic. It looks like a decent city too. I’ll have to make a point of visiting after we finally get settled in good.
      I’m not too concerned about the radiation, I’m just being overly cautious. We’ll probably end up going to China someplace. I should find out tomorrow where and when. I want to get the tickets now before we end up spending all the money on something else. I’m going to go by a Cebu Pacific office and find out their lowest price to anywhere within the 1st couple of weeks of May. Not sure if that’s the best way, but I’m going to try it to see what kind of price they tell me.
      Ahhh…but has it rained more than 19 days in a row? I think we’ve got the record. Now I’m hoping for 19 days of sunshine…not hot…just sunshine.

  3. John, at least it stopped raining. Maybe the barbeque can make some money for you again. I liked the map you posted. Is Calbayon where you live?

    1. Yes it did stop raining and I’m glad. The BBQ probably will do much better now. Actually the name of the city is Calbayog. I don’t know why it says Calbayon.

    1. Well it’s nothing to worry about at this time, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.
      Thanks for the information and also thanks for reading and commenting on the blog. I hope to receive future comments from you.

      1. When we lived in subic,one year in august and sept.we had almost 30 days of solid rain and half of that was very heavy stuff.If you miss food from the USA, in angeles they
        have a Black angus and two or three mexican rest.I read the will have a Ihop in a few months,and in subic they have
        a texas barbecue place,have heard good thing about there food.not to far to go for some good food.

        1. An IHOP in Angeles? That would be sweet. Do you know where they are going to put the IHOP? I have not eaten at the Black Angus yet but I have had good reviews from some of my friends who have eaten there.

          As you may know, Brettos has some quality meats. Their hamburger is pretty good and is almost too lean. I have to add a little olive oil while cooking it. I go there about twice a month to buy their Italian sausage which is excellent.

          The only Mexican restaurant that I can think of is the one way out near Friendship Highway although, for the life of me, I can’t think of the name. I have eaten there several times and was pretty pleased. I don’t get to eat there often as my wife does not like Mexican food and they don’t have Filipino dishes.

          1. Maybe when they get that mall built here, it will start attracting businesses like that. A IHOP would be wonderful. Heck I’d settle for a KFC for now.
            A Black Angus I’ve never eaten at, but it sounds like someplace I’d like. I’ll take one of those too.
            A Tex-Mex restaurant is probably too much to ask for around here. The beef is to subpar anyway.

          2. Gary,according to harry the horse it will be in the mall that is real close to the exit to angeles on the express way,yea i would really like to see one of those in AC.It sounds like
            soom they will have a SM mall in olongapo and a friend in baretto told me the will be building a robinsons inside subic base.Subic and AC are putting some nice rest.and stores will be nice to get back and see the changes.

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