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9 thoughts on “Thursday – 31 Mar 2011

  1. hi john. still at the Marju Krisel and after the first week of getting used to it iam finally liking it. The restaurant is used daily by my fiance and me and its very good and the service is good also. the rooms are small but well appointed if you decide on the “SUPERIOR deluxe” room. Access to trikes is easy and there is also a driver service but doesnt ever seem to be a driver on site ever. All in all I would stay here again but my first choice in calbayog will always be the Ceriaco. Everythng there is scheduled to be done in september. Oh and this is the first chance we have gotten to get online becuase the wifi here has not been working at all. See ya again soon.

    1. Okay glad you are getting accustomed to the hotel. Thursday is mine and Lita’s 31st anniversary and I’ve been trying to decide where to take her to eat. I limited it to the Marju Krisel and El Carmelo’s on Magsaysay Blvd. El Carmelo’s advertises Mozzarella cheese sticks and tacos, so since we don’t get that much, that is actually #1 on the list right now. Besides, I’ll have your restaurant review to put in the blog and with mine at El Carmelo’s, I can add both of them.
      Did you get to Tacloban? Hope everything went well there if you did.

      1. yes we got to tacloban and got everythng accomplished except we have to now get her clearance through the calbayog police. the cops in tacloban werent exactly the kind of police you want to deal with. (hands out wanting “pocket $$”) What ever happened to teachng your children that police are always to be trusted? Well thats all for now. Happy Anniversary !!!!

      2. Mozarella cheese sticks and tacos? I’m there for that!
        I’m sitting in a bar here eating nachos and burgers, drinking some brews and watching Kentucky Connecticut going at it. Great fun

        10 and a half days till wheels up

        1. I don’t see have they could mess up the Mozzarella cheese sticks, but the tacos I’m a little worried about. You know the beef here is not the best. Nachos, burgers and a MGD sounds good to me. I haven’t had a good hamburger since I’ve been here. I don’t like the burgers at Jollibee and the McDonald’s in Tacloban is still McDonald’s, and I never did like them, except their fries, which is all I eat when I’m there.
          Heck, Blair brought us some corn nuts and we went ‘nuts’. They didn’t last too long. They went faster than the trail mix he brought, but they were both good. I’m hoping to get some more when/if I ever get to Korea. Maybe after/if the radiation in Japan is back to normal.
          I see that you are counting in 1/2 days now. That happens when you get anxious. Be glad to see you, but not near as happy as Jen.

          1. Yes, I would be concerned about the tacos myself for the same reason. McDonald’s burgers are not my favorites but it is the only decent burger in the Philippines that I have found. I refuse to eat a burger at Jollibees anymore.
            I had forgot about the corn nuts. I will make sure I pick up some for you before I leave. Too bad I can’t bring some 100% USDA beef.

          2. I’ve reserved to the fact that unless I get to a US military base or back to the US, I’m not going to get any more decent beef.
            I’m hoping to get to one of those places soon.
            Some 100% USDA beef, man that sounds good. I didn’t mean for you to bring me corn nuts, but I’m not going to argue about it because I like those things.
            The ranch and the nacho cheese are my favorites.

    1. It’s all in the posts.
      Today, 1 April, will be #20 if it rains today…so far though, it’s 0750, no rain.

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