July 20, 2024

10 thoughts on “Saturday – 23 Oct

  1. Thank you UJ and to Wayne as well for all the helpful tips for us when we visit. I will make sure that I stay close to my UJ and Auntie Lita. We are still excited about visiting.

    1. Jaclyn nothing is as bad as it sounds,John and Lita will take good care of you.Iam sure you will enjoy the tripand have a great time.As much time as I have spent in the philippines,just a simple drive is interesting with all the sites you see on a drive down the road.One section of road to Subic in northern Luzon we used to see these guys selling live snakes,one time we stoped to take picture,before i could get out of the car he had the head of it
      coming in the window.I told my wife could only happen in the philippines.It will be a trip of a life time, enjoy.

      1. He’s right Jaclyn. It will be a trip that you will remember for a long, long time. Bet David still remembers details about his only trip in 2002, and he didn’t even do very much. When we drive from Manila to Calbayog you will see lots of things you have never seen before, and may never see in person again, unless you make a 2nd visit.

    2. Excited is good. Careful and excited is better. International travel is a hassle, but the end result is usually worth it. And yours should be worth it.

  2. I have priced hotels all over Philippines and I have yet to figure out how they come up with their State side pricing, when they only pay slave labor to the workers. As per the SM’s and other shopping centers. These workers have to reapply for their job every six months and hope they get rehired. They do not even pay benefits. But yet the owners are living high on the hog.

    1. I know, it’s strange. I frankly don’t know how they get away with it, but until someone steps up and does something, it will continue.

  3. We have stayed at Eduardos hotel a few times,nice simple place but for the same price as MK they didn’t have hotwater and no pool.food is much better at MK. They can get a motor trike at hotel for 8 to10 peso i think.Yea i think 4000 peso is a bit much for Calbayog.

    1. Nice information to have Wayne, thanks. I’ll try to remember that in case I get asked some other time about hotels in the area.

  4. Congratulations on writing such a great blog! I have saved your blogs to my computer so that I can read them whenever there is time. I am slightly over halfway through and it has been so fun reading them. It is like I am actually there in the Philippines! Please, keep up the tagalog word of the day because it is a fun way to learn another language. Also, I wouldn’t worry so much about advertising on the blog because the revenue that you will generate though your tourism business will be more than most blogs make anyway. Also, I am sure people headed to your part of the country would love to eat fish balls and candy ice at your business. It may be a long time before I can get over that way but when I do it would be nice to stop by and see your little town. Keep up the great blogging! Sincerely, Dandy Dan

    1. Wow, a new reader that isn’t a relative. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of those. Glad you like the blog. One of my goals was to make it as realistic as possible and make people actually feel they were here, visiting, shopping, site seeing, just whatever.
      My tourism business and my advertising business are both the same right now, at zero. I’m going to keep up both, but frankly I’m not sure I’ll generate any income from either, ever.
      Well when/if you ever do come this way, my last 2 blog will be of particular interest to you, but please don’t read ahead, it might take some of the meaning out of a few of the things.
      Oh I’m sure that some people will love the fish balls and ice candy, but as for me, I’ll stick with only the ice candy.
      I hope that after you get caught up with the reading, you will continue to read as often as you can. Also please continue to leave comments. I’m told that one of the criteria of having a good blog and attracting sponsors is the number of comments and interaction I have.
      Thanks again for stopping by, please let others know about it and I’m really, really glad that you liked it.

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