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11 thoughts on “Monday – 29 Nov 2010

  1. AWWW UJ thanks for the Birthday wishes. Love how you did the whole bold print and my georgeous picture…haha. Thanks again!!! I know I’m late on reading this but I’m trying to get all caught up again on ur posts.

  2. Your readers, I’m sure, will be interested in how you and Lita will find being in Texas again after that stretch in the Philippines. I know I would like to know that you’ll be all right. Who knows? You might not want to go back to the tropics and the brown outs! 🙂

    1. I doubt very seriously that we will want to stay in Texas very long. I mean it’s a great place to be, if you have a good job, but without that job, it’s just a place you are trying to survive. No time or money to enjoy the Texas hospitality. We’ll be coming back and hopefully with some saved up money so we can get things completed around here. May is good timing really. We get that extra P10,000 starting in June. Titing can make the truck payment for us while we are gone and we can use the entire retirement check to get by in Texas and since we’ll be taking part time temporary jobs, we can save all of that money. I was thinking about that last night. Only things we will have to pay are for a place to stay, food and gas for our truck (that we won’t have to pay for). Only problem I see is the place to stay. We could stay with 3 different sets of friends for 1 month each and pay very little, but we normally like to be on our own. That’s where the only problem comes in.

  3. I also like the new look and a vote to keep writeing while yu are in Texas,can write alittle about both places as i am sure you will keep in touch with everyone in Samar.

    1. Everything just seems to be positive today. Yes I’m positive it is.
      I will keep in touch as much as I can, but that will probably only be through e-mail.

  4. ur blog looks alot better like this ..dan keepin u on ut toes with the tagalog word of the day..( he just beat me 2 it)..lol wow ur niece Jaclyn is so beauitful…

    1. A lot better huh? Considering the way her mother looks, Jaclyn turned out pretty good.
      Oh, I’m sorry, you’re her mother. I’m getting old and I forget things.
      jk Joyce, don’t slam me.

  5. Love the new look. Thought the old one was pretty good also, but the new one looks great.
    And make that 3-0 for continuing while you are away.

    1. Cool. I wish this theme had a couple of other features the old one had, but I’ll try to make due. Maybe I’ll ask the creator for an update.
      I’ll probably do it anyway while I’m gone. Dan was mentioning about maybe losing readers or my spot in the searches, and I don’t want either to happen.

  6. Enjoyed the blog as always. If you go to Texas early next year then I think you should keep on blogging.
    As I understand websites, if you go very long without posting then it will effect your ranking on search engines as well as losing readers who will move on to following other blogs. Not me, I’ll keep reading reguardless.
    There was no Filipino word of the day today and yesterday, too. But I copied the Philippine holiday schedule in its place. Its nice to read a blog and learn something at the same time.
    I hope you are right with your estimation of your electric bill because guys are always writing how high their electric bills are in Manila and Angeles City. Of course, they use their airconditioners non stop and have other electric appliances.

    1. Thanks and that’s 2-0 for continuing in Texas. I don’t want to lose my readers, I don’t have enough of them now. So if I lose my ranking in the search engines, I’ll probably lose readers too. That’s not good, so if that is true, then I should continue to blog.
      I’ve been so worried the last couple of post about having enough material to get a decent blog, I forgot. Sorry again. I’ll starting putting it in my notes, if I remember, and that should help ensure it gets in there. I’ll put it in my notes as TWOD.
      I hope I’m right about that electric bill too, or I’ll be on a permanent brownout for awhile. We don’t use electric much, except the a/c, but even that is not non-stop, in fact it is not on right now. We do have at least 1 fan running at all times though, except brownouts, of course.

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