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13 thoughts on “Monday – 25 Oct 2010

  1. Reading this blog is addictive. I have finished

    reading all of your blogging and let me just say,

    “Great Blog.” You seem like a really good person,

    and it’s nice to know there are still some good

    people out there. You once asked about which

    background is the best. I like the one with the

    mountains and trees because it’s calming, the

    Filipino flag alone is my second favorite, and the

    combination flags is my third place, but all of them

    are fine. Most blogs don’t make much of a profit in

    their first year, but when you keep on blogging then

    Google and other search engines will keep raising

    your ranking in their listings. Eventually, when

    someone types in the name of your town or the

    hotel across the street or any of the towns you

    mention repeatedly then you’ll be on page one of

    the results and Adsense will beg you to place their

    ads on your blog. Your love for the Dallas

    Cowboys is admirable. I quit being a fan after they

    let the coach with the helmet hair go after he won a

    couple of SuperBowls for them. Now I’m a Saints

    fan because their stadium is like 75 miles from

    here. Keep rockin’ the blog!

    1. Thanks a lot dude. I don’t think it’s so great, but other people seem to like it. I mean it’s just me, doing what I do, nothing special. For some reason it seems to attract people, so that’s good. Even Titing has complimented me twice and he has only read one entry. He doesn’t even understand English that well. Well enough though. The thing about the background I may need to change. Winda says that on laptops, the background interferes with the writing area. I can’t have that. So shortly after you see this, it will change again. I hope Winda will let me know if the new background still hinders her.
      I don’t know about Adsense ‘begging’ me. They said that my blog is not their kind of blog. But I’m glad to know how that works, so I can keep typing those names and hoping get me out there more. Hey I know they fired Jimmy Johnson, and he was awesome, but Go Cowboys!

    2. This is another response to a comment from 25 Oct. I was thinking about this again today. I did search for the Ciriaco Hotel in Yahoo and I was on the first page. In Google I think it was the 3rd page. I checked out a couple of other things too like ‘philippines bata’ and ‘salamat, palaam’. I was in there on both in Yahoo, but not in Google. I don’t understand the difference, but I do know if someone searches in Yahoo, they’ll find me, actually I think I was at the top of the ‘Ciriaco Hotel’ and ‘salamat, palaam’ listings.
      Cowboys play the Saints this weekend, so I guess we’ll be rooting for different teams this week.

  2. Hi JJ. I made several attempts to post a comment in the last couple of days but had to abort when I ran out of time. 🙁 Just so I won’t forget, is it possible for the space for comments not to have any background graphics “behind” it? Sometimes when I’m using a laptop it’s hard to make out the print. Maybe my eyes are just going… 😉

    OK, if you’re all going to Tambis, my beach shack is only 20-30 minutes away since you have your own transportation. It’s right by the national road so it’s all paved to and from St. Bernard, Catmon… I’ve never been to Tambis so I’m not sure if it’s close to the “highway.”

    You can all stay there [how many in Jaclyn’s family?] and be in Tambis all day and go back to the shack at day’s end. There are 6 bedrooms; well, 5, since the caretaker uses one. It has 3 bathrooms: 2 bathtubs and 2 showers. Hot water and exhaust fans in all BRs, a fan in each bedroom. It’s a few degrees cooler than in town because of the constant sea breeze. Not a business, so of course, no charge – Filipino hospitality and all that. Think about it seriously. It’s 8 months away so let me know closer to the date so I can give the caretaker a heads up. I’m planning to be back there after the holidays to do more work [perimeter fence, landscaping, etc.]

    Gotta go again…

    Keep typing!

    1. Opps. Found out I have another few minutes. And just thought of a couple more things.

      Ten minutes drive away towards Anahawan is Mainit hot springs in the middle of huge bamboo and other trees. You might want to soak there for an hour or two and there are tables for minimal rent if you bring snack and need one for a picnic.

      The beach shack has a good Whirlpool clothes washer. With the seabreeze it doesn’t take long for the wash to dry on the line. When we’re there it’s going at least once a day.

      And the water is good to go for drinking straight from the tap. I mentioned the town’s great water early on when your blog wasn’t too old. 🙂

      St. Bernard has a farmers’ market with lots of fruit and veggies. St. John/Cabalian has a few internet cafes, as does St Bernard, of course. It all sprouted there quickly in the aftermath of the landslide; Smart provided them for the international journalists who rushed to cover the tragedy, and the business stayed.

      OK, I now really have to leave.


      1. I’ve heard of that hot springs, but never been there.
        Lita just walked in and I told her about your beach shack. She want’s to know exactly where it is, so she can ask one of her cousins that lives in the area to try to find it before we try it and get lost.
        I’m not drinking the water straight out of the tap, so it doesn’t matter. I’ll let the others judge the water.
        Yes we know about the Farmer’s market. We went there last time we were in the area. In fact, I posted pictures on here about it. The day I posted the one about the CR and I believe the first time I showed the pos, before it was a pos. I’m hoping it is no longer a pos, by the way.
        Didn’t think about it, but that makes sense about the internet cafe’s.
        Okay, let me know and we’ll check it out.

    2. Alright lets answer the questions and statements first. Tambis is not close to the highway, no where near close.
      There are only 3 in Jaclyn’s family: Jaclyn, Matt and Wyatt (he’ll be 2).
      I thought you where talking about a small little shack on the beach, that’s sounds bigger than my whole complex here.
      I’ll mention it to Lita again and see her opinion on it, but it still sounds good to me, even more so now that I know it’s bigger than I imagined.

  3. I see they haven’t repaired the road to Malajog, yet they say this is a tourist spot. How many tourist want to go down a muddy pot hole road and get whip lash. And no hospitals.

    1. I had heard alot about Malaog beach so we decided to go check it out,going down that muddy road i thought we were on the wrong road,when we made it to the beach could not believe it.Not at all what i expected.Beachs on samar are not as nice as other spots i have been.

      1. I agree with you Wayne. There are many places that have better beaches than Samar, but it’s all we have. They should build up some of them and make it more attractive for tourist, but I don’t think they will, not right now anyway.

        1. Yea we have a beach alot like Malaog,with little hut you can rentWe have to take a boat to it,but family are fisherman so no problem there.Better than nothing and is clean and not crowded,kids love it.

    2. That’s the same thing I tell Mar and/or Titing, depends on who is in the car with me, almost every time we go down that road.

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