July 21, 2024

7 thoughts on “Friday – 3 Dec 2010

  1. I like the blue. Although I don’t have anything to compare it to but I still think the blue is a good look.

    1. I had it in Rose color, but changed it to Blue. Since you wasn’t here, you can’t tell me which one is better. Maybe I’ll change the color again later, so I can make a final decision. I think there are 4 different colors.

  2. If you think it might be the tire makeing the noise
    you might want to swap front tire with the rear tire
    before you buy a new one,if it is the tire you wont hear it.you can get razor blades there also same as ones in the
    USA.people might be interested to know you can buy almost any drug at the drug store with out seeing a doctor
    much different than here in the USA.

    1. Yeah a tire rotation might to the trick. I’ll have to inspect the tire to see if it has damage first though.
      Yes I know about the razors. In fact I’ve already found a favorite disposable safety razor to buy.
      You can? I knew you could buy them, but from your statement it seems like a lot more of them can be purchased. I wonder if some of the medication my wife has run out of can be refilled without a doctor? I’ll have to look into that.

      1. Yes you can purchase without seeing a doctor,you dont need empty pill bottle ,just go in with the name of meds.and millgram size,i have done this a few times when i would run out of my blood pressure meds.The meds are expensive for the PI almost as much as in alaska.I know it is a long way to go but meds in thailand very cheap about one tenth and is the same no doctor visit.hope this helps.

        1. Well I’m going to give that a try this next week. I guess you can do that anywhere in the Philippines? I’m asking because I’d like to go by Mercury Drug to get the meds from the lady that I know. I’d have to bring the bottles to remember all the ones she has run out of.
          I’m not too worried about the cost because you can’t put a price on a life, especially my wife’s. But if we ever decide to make a trip to Thailand, I’ll remember that. I’m wondering about the prices in Korea, since we will be going there in about 5 months?

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