March 20, 2023

4 thoughts on “Saturday – 4 Dec 2010

  1. John, my wife said a pedicure costs around $25-$35 here in Florida. I guess your are getting a heck of a bargain.

    1. Yes I guess I am.
      Thanks for clicking on my ads by the way. I know you clicked on them twice. I can look it up by IP address.
      I didn’t see anyone else on here that leaves comments. 2 other people clicked on there, but I couldn’t find them.
      If you or any of y’all reading this want to click on some more ads, please feel free. There’s no obligation and it starts my account building.

  2. John at mercury or Manson drug stores you do not need a
    doctors prescription,as long as you have the name and dose
    thats all you need,they dont care who or what its for.Im not sure if you know up in angeles and subic there are quite a few retired service men the get there hosbital needs taken care of there.If you need more info go to
    Bob Martins site send a message to either paul they have alot of info on that.Paul T lives very close to Subic.

    1. Okay. We don’t have a Manson Drug here to the best of my knowledge, but I get the point.
      I just may go take a peek at Bob’s site and check that out, but that too far to do us much good.
      Now that our TRICARE seems to be fixed, we’ll go to a doctor here and get whatever information we may need for here.

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