May 23, 2024

4 thoughts on “Friday – 27 May 2011

  1. John,

    I really enjoy staying in Ormoc during my 4 visits to Leyte. I highly recommend the Sabin Resort. I made a good friend with one of the waiters at Sabin. His name is Willie. If you see him, tell Willie that Jack and Jho says “Hi”. The Chicken Curry at the Sabin Restaurant is my favorite curry. I have so many great memories of the resort with friends and family there. Thank you for posting the article.

    1. Well I’m not in Ormoc, but I’d really like to go. The Sabin Resort Hotel ‘looks’ wonderful, but I’m glad to hear from someone that has actually ‘been there’. It’s always better to hear the information straight from the source. Our last experience with chicken curry (at the Hong Kong airport) was not good, so I doubt we’d be getting that for awhile, but as long as there are other good things on the menu, we’d be fine.

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