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6 thoughts on “Saturday – 28 May 2011

    1. I just double checked. You’re right, but when I pulled up Maasin City, it is listed as being there several times. When I checked the story though, it does say it is in Sogod. Oh well, it still would be great to give that a zip. I should have remembered that the Agas-Agas Bridge is in Sogod, but I’ve only been there once.

      1. there are many links to skyscrapercity so if you want to feature some Philippine cities or even cities around the world you can check there, because almost every city in the world is enlisted in skyscrapercity

        1. I think I have gotten some pictures from there and I have even referenced the link a couple of times. I’ll make it a point to do it again, just in case though.
          In the meantime, if anyone wants to check it out, it’s:

  1. Hello i am looking for a detail city street map of maasin city, Philippines.that’s located in southern late. area code 6600 ab ago.

    1. I was unable to find a street map of Maasin City. I was able to find a site that is in the process of trying to get street view maps of every city in the Philippines though. That site is: Maasin City is on there, but no map is associated with it yet. I sent in a request that they update and requested Maasin City and Calbayog City be looked at first.
      I’ve seen this question before, on Yahoo Answers, I think. From the wording you have here, you are either the same person, or you copied that entry.

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