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11 thoughts on “Friday – 17 Sep 2010

    1. Okay Joyce, here it is:

      It’s good that you like living in the Philippines. I don’t live there anymore but I miss it. The best thing I like about the Philippines is the people. Even if they talk a lot and are gossips, they’re not bullies, are they? What I don’t like about the Philippines? The heat !!!

      1. Don’t really want to comment too much on this, because it may spoil my Top 10 list, but some valid points here.

  1. Hi John! I’m not calling you “uncle”! 😉

    Count me in as pro-pix-in-text so we don’t have to move around too much. Salamat.

    Put a GPS or some other monitoring device on Lita since she’s so busy. 🙂

    i’ve a a few minutes to read your blog for today then I have to leave. But I’ll be baaackk.

    1. You talking about the translation for the Philippine National Anthem? I don’t know what it is. Or was you talking about something else?

  2. Hi, kuya

    Just found out about your blog ^^

    Seems interesting so far x) Hehe, yeah, people usually just shoud out where ever they’re going just as they’re on their way out the door. And just shout “I’m home!” just as they enter… x)

    Buti na lang nagustuhan niyong tumira sa Pinas..! Hindi na ako nakatira diyan, pero namiss ko siya. Ang pinakagusto ko sa Pinas ay yung mga tao 🙂 Kahit na madaldal at tsismosa sila, hindi sila nagbully no? ^^

    Ang hindi ko gusto sa Pinas? Ang iiiiiniiiiiiit!

    1. Christine you do realize that I am a Texan living in the Philippines, not a Filipino living in Texas. I do not speak Tagalog, unfortunately. I had to get one of the cousins to translate the second half of your message. It’s cool though, at least you left a comment. Some people don’t even bother to. I do appreciate your input though and hope you keep reading and responding.

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