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10 thoughts on “Saturday – 18 Sep 2010

  1. Maybe you could walk around in your surroundings. Talk with the people in your
    neighbourhood and get their opinion on life in the Philippines. Take some pictures – or a video of what ever you think could be of interest for people like me, who still have a couple of years left, before I can make my dream of a Danish guy’s life in the Philippines come true……..and that would give you some exercise at the same time, haha.


    1. I could do that, but the problem is that probably most people here in the area don’t speak English, and if they do, probably not very well. I guess I could bring a translator with me, like Ramil. He was talking, just yesterday, about going walking and he was available on the weekends. Of course he was drinking heavily at the time. Lita has a fit if I walk off by myself though. She thinks I’ll get mugged or something, by children. I have a hard time telling children no, but I usually don’t carry any money with me when I do walk around. I just may do that, next weekend, when I can move a little better. I’m about over this, whatever I had. Still think I’ll be good to go by morning.

      1. I bet there are more people who could speak and understand English than you realize, JJ. The problem is that they won’t understand your English and you won’t understand theirs because of the pronounciation hitch. And 99 percent of the locals are too shy to try their English when talking to an English-speaker. Most are very self-conscious of their English. Just say the key word of what you want to convey with a lot of hand signals. It’ll get easier as it goes. 🙂 Really.

        Have fun and don’t forget to take a small towel to mop up the sweat. You’ll notice the locals do that all the time. That and airing tummies by rolling up the edge of their Tees [the men]. 😉

        1. That could be true, but I’ve done that before and sometimes they just look at me funny and I get tired of doing it over and over. Yeah I know the ‘men’ air their tummies, always wished the ‘ladies’ would do the same thing. That’s probably why it’s not done, too many guys like me.

  2. Good grief, you must’ve had a 24-hour flu. Or it may have been something you’ve eaten. You’re probably still getting acclimatized so better be careful, JJ.

    I clicked on the reveille and it took me to the music piece page but Microsoft Media Player couldn’t play it. Oh well, not to worry.

    Had lunch the other day with a friend who’s originally from Ormoc, Leyte. Since her mom spoke Waray I told her about you and Lita settling in Samar. Being the kook that she is she said to ask you if you knew what nia eroy means. 😉 That’s deliberately a short-cut. Let me know and I’ll tell you if you’re right. LOL. I promised to send her your URL so she can follow your adventures in out land of birth.

    Dieting. Best to lose a little bit at a time rather than have a huge drop. You have a better chance of keeping it off, the gurus say; losing a ton quickly is not supposed to be healthy. I’m sure you’ve heard all that before. Yaddayadda. 🙁

    Would your laundry lady also iron the clothes? Not much gets ironed these days in our house. Drip dry fabrics or no one gives a hairy. :-[

    I like your bro’s rambling, Joyce. Gives the journal a real honest feeling; no put-on airs. With the BBQ sales climbing the charts, the commercial trike, etc., it won’t be long, JJ. Just be patient.

    The hotel across the street looks good, except for blocking your spectacular view. When is it suppose to open for biz?

    I just noticed Casandra’s wee hand ‘covers’ – they’re certainly not for keeping her hands warm. Infants in RP are probably the only ones who gets these which are to keep their thin, razor-sharp nails from scratching their faces. As soon as the moms start cutting their nails, of course, theyre not seen again.

    Magandang gabi sa iyong lahat. Maayong gabii kaninyong tanan. Maupay nga gab-i ha iyo nga tanan.

    Goodnight, all.

    1. More like a 48 hour flu. Only the 2nd time I’ve ever been sick here. Last time was my 1st visit down in the province. The reveille thing worked for me, several times, wonder why it wouldn’t work for you? I didn’t know exactly what it meant, but I figured it had something to do with ‘mother’. I asked, and sure enough, I was told it meant: Your Mother, I guess in English slang it would be: Your Mama! Hope she likes the blog as much as you do. Yeah, you’re right I’ve heard all that before and I know all about dieting, but knowing and doing are two different things. I doubt if she’ll be ironing, because the way Vicky’s folds them, they’d never get wrinkled anyway. Yeah Joyce, she likes my rambling. They put there sign in front of the hotel now. I’m not sure when they are opening, I heard it’s suppose to be before the end of the year though. I didn’t even notice the hand covers, I’ll look next time I see her though. I think all that was basically saying “Goodnight All” in 3 other languages and dialects.

  3. glad ur feelin alittle better..ur blogs r never short u just ramble on and and what crash whos mail box and what

    1. Never short, huh? I’ll try to keep them never short then. Guess that answered my question too. No you were not born yet, because you’d remember that. Bet Wanda still does.

  4. Hi UJ

    ………..tell you all the things I remember…………..OH NOOOOOO….please
    stay at your subject – A TEXAN’S LIFE IN THE PHILIPPINES.

    Hope you will be better soon.


    1. 1 against. New reader Dave or just first time leaving a comment? I guess you like the subject, hope I can keep it interesting enough for you to keep reading.
      I was a little worried about changing the subject, but on days that nothing is happening, I don’t want everyone bored and end up not reading anymore. I guess everyone understands that there will be days like that though.

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