July 20, 2024

2 thoughts on “Friday – 1 Oct

  1. “We want you to see more sights and less seats”

    I understand what your getting at, but not sure if it flows well.

    Who are the targeted tourists? Americans, Europeans, Astralians, Asians… I guess need to see the marketing plan to figure it out. Honestly, there are so many travel agencies that trying to stand out is difficult. I tend not to trust many that have not been around for a while. To many bad stories of agencies taking deposits and then going bk. So need to find a away to assure your potential guests.

    Back to your other topics. Would be interesting to see photos of you BBQ especially stuff that we dont see in the States (chicken blood. I used that for catfish bait.)


    1. Just a slogan off the top of my head. I’m sure I can come up with something better. Glad you commented on it though. Yes it’s very difficult to stand out, especially when you’re new. I’ll have to come up with an extra special slogan to attract tourists. I’ve never encountered a travel agency that tried to rip me off, but I have read about them too. I’m not saying that you thought this, but that wouldn’t happen with us. I’d be looking forward to the trips to the islands as much as the tourists would. Plus the Jungle Restaurant is definitely a place I want to check out. I could do that anyway, when I’m in Cebu, but it’d be more interesting being there with a lot of people, seeing their faces light up, having a good time. Especially if there are children enjoying themselves too.
      We don’t have much to sell at the BBQ yet. The chicken blood and pig guts are the weirdest things, right now. The fish balls are still the #1 seller though. I’ll keep an eye out for other things and be sure to get pictures of it.

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