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15 thoughts on “Thursday – 30 Sep 2010

  1. One of my biggest pet peeves is that things are never where they are supposed to be. I rant at everybody in our house about that very thing. I hate it when I want something and it is not where it is supposed to be. I have tried and tried to get them to understand but to no avail.

    7 and a half days till I am back in the land of smiles.

    1. And we can rant and rave for years, I have, and it’ll do no good whatsoever. Now Lita will put things where they belong, and gets on me if I don’t do it, but everyone is not Lita.
      I know, you’ll be here next week. Did you find out your weight limits? Think you’ll be able to bring ‘any’ beef/chicken stew? As I’ve said a few times already, it’s okay if you don’t have room. I understand perfectly, been there and done that. I don’t suppose they make the stew in packages that are not cans these days, do they? I would think not, but you never know with all this technology they have these days. Be glad to finally meet the famous Montana Gary.

      1. I found out that since I have silver medallion status with Delta, I get to bring two suitcases and each can weigh up to 70 pounds. I have enough other requests for stuff from Jen and a couple of friends in Angeles that I will have to bring two suitcases. So, the short story is yes, I can bring some stew and pork and beans too.

        1. Woo Hoo. Great! More stress on the stew than the beans. Just let me know what the total will be and I’ll have the money ready for you when you arrive. Now I’m really going to be happy to see you.

  2. Hi JJ!

    The Tong It players look like they really mean business, don’t they? It’s apparently very addictive -I guess just like gin rummy, poker, etc. when you really think about it- and it has caused a lot of serious friction between SL couples who are trying to make ends meet and have to end up missing meals when the rice-winner [can’t say “bread”] loses. I used to be a mean gin rummy player but haven’t played it for so long. Living has a way of getting in the way of past times or leisure pursuits. 😉

    Our little SL town has the best water in probably all of that province. The pressure is very good, water is treated on a regular basis with no after-taste, and just all-around honky dory. The mayor at the time the whole project was started made it his priority to the grumbling complaints of the opposite party who tried to block it every which way. Glad he held fast. Before that the boil-water advisory was frequent.

    As usual I enjoy your blog. Don’t worry about the being interesting. Surviving in the land of smiles is enough. Heheheh.. Keep typing! 🙂

    1. I mean, surviving in the land of smiles is enough to make it interesting, as far as I’m concerned. Or I wouldn’t be checking it daily to find out how you’re faring.

    2. We haven’t played tong-it for awhile, but we always tried to keep it good natured. Like I said, when/if I lose, I didn’t care. When I was ‘just visiting’ here I would sometimes lose on purpose because they needed the money more than I did. Wish someone would treat the water here. I know there is too much iodine in this stuff. I need to do something. I don’t seem to have a lot of readers, just a few that keep coming back. Every once in a while someone new shows up. Maybe I’m just hoping for too much.

      1. Is that the pool at Margorie kristal hotel(spelling i am sure is wrong)looks like it we have stayed there alot,nice place at decent price and in my opinion about the best place to eat besides carmela.It is between calbayog and the airport.John i was talking about car service between calbayog airport and tarangdan very hard to find desent ride.I have used the airport there quite a few times,been going there for5 to6 years ,really like the laid back life and the friendly peaple there.cant wait until our return this jan.

        1. I see that Tarangnan is about 1/2 way between Calbayog and Catbalogan, right on the coast too. Never heard of it until I looked it up. There are a couple of van services here in Calbayog that I’m pretty sure would to there. I know the name of one of the companies is Van’s Vans, it’s a catchy name, so I remembered. No idea how much it would cost though. From Catabalogan to Calbayog, they charged us P1100, there were 5 of us, so it should be less than that for you.

          1. Yes we have checked with them in the past and it as been to long for there departcher and we have tried to rent a jeepny but they dont like to go that far so we usally take a boat.I think there are two vans that make regular
            trips.Is your place out by the new hotel they built on the south end of calbayog?when we were ther two years ago they just had the ground floor done and were working on the second floor.Looks like it would be a nice place wonder what they will be chargeing for a room also hope they will have a desent resturant.

          2. Oh, so you checked them.
            You should read more of the posts. Yes we are close to the new hotel, in fact we are right across the street.
            It is still not finished, but I hear that by the end of the year it will be opened and the room rates will be P4000 per night.
            Know there will be a restaurant, that’s about it. Just walk across the street and by something at our store instead.

          3. 4K per night? in Calbayog? I think they might be seriously misjudging the market. I stayed at a very nice hotel on Mactan Island for less than that and I can stay at the Holiday Inn Galeria in Manila for not much more than that. F&A suites are 1K per night right there in Calbayog on Magsaysay Blvd and I can’t believe this new place will be 4 times better. F&A Suites isn’t a five star or even a four star hotel but the rooms are big, they have cable tv, aircon and hot showers. That is all I need.

          4. That’s the price I’m being told from the relatives. Suppose to include their little resort they have in the back. I haven’t seen that yet, but they seem to be building it up well. I wonder if it includes food? Probably not. I know it seems high, and no way would I stay there, but it isn’t my hotel or my money.

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