July 19, 2024

4 thoughts on “Vacation Over — Time to Relax

  1. john there is one that isfive inchs around and five tall,you have to mount to pipe to the wall nocontrol knobs,marjire krisel has these they are cheaper but if you touch the unit you get one heck of a shock a friend had one same thing would happen to him.the one i had in subic sounds like ricks was a good unit.

  2. UJ ,lol Kuya, we found one those water heaters in town at the home depot on rosales blvd, p7500 plus free instalation, then found more choices in tacloban in a huge hardware store just outside town, bought the Aerogas model, german made i think, p5000 my neighbor installed it in 15 minutes.
    it replaces the old shower hear too with one that has a wall hanger mount and long flexhose for the handle. you can actually leave ours on power all day ,we don’t, but it uses no electricity till water runs through it, just watch out lower water pressure means hotter water, so don’t let any be doing dishes as you shower might get scalded.

    1. Okay, well it’s a little bit more expensive than I thought. I guess I need to look at yours to see what it actually looks like. I only have a picture in my mind, but from what you describe, the picture is wrong.

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