July 21, 2024

6 thoughts on “Sunday – 17 Oct 2010

  1. I hope Juan/Megi was not too bad in the Samar/Leyte area. Are you guys all right? “..peak sustained winds of 212 kph, with gusts up to 259 kph (161 mph)” over the weekend is phenomenal. Even if the storm’s eye was farther north in Luzon, that’d still be quite a force for the rest of the islands.

    I gather you’re having a brown out right now. Looking forward to reading your blog the next time you’re able to access the ‘net.

    Hang in there…

    1. No, no brown out, except for about 5 seconds earlier. The wind blew a little hard earlier and we’ve had some rain, but nothing major at all.
      Typhoons are not a real concern here.

  2. What make/model of truck/SUV do you have? I thought it was an Isuzu, but not sure. I know its a POS, so want to stay away from that brand.

    Do you know whats the most reliable SUV in PI? My company will allow me to buy a domestically produced car, tax free so its a bit of savings. But I think I am limited to either a Ford or Toyota. So am leaning towards a Ford Everest (I want to seat 5/6). Other options are the Expedition (too big) and Explorer (too $$$). The Everest only comes in Diesel. Is that a problem in PI? I have only owned gas/petrol.


    1. The model I have is a Nissan, but I also had a Nissan in Texas and it was great, best vehicle I ever owned. I don’t know the most reliable, but I know the most popular is a Pajero. I don’t like Ford’s so that would be on you. If it was me, I’d get a Toyota because they have a good reputation. No, no problem with diesel, it is readily available throughout the PI.

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