May 25, 2024

4 thoughts on “Robinson Rumor Spreading

  1. We lived most of the last three year in Baybay Leyte and there is also a plan to build a Robinson’s mall there ,in addition to the already existing Gaisano’s Mall. They may have been set back also by the typhoon which did quite a bit of damage to Ormoc. I really enjoy your blog. On a side note I think I remember you saying you were from Temple. If so we were once neighbors as I am from Waco. Take care.

    1. Welcome to the comment section of the blog Richard. Since you say you like my blog I suppose you have been reading for awhile, but I’m glad you decided to finally leave a comment. You’re my first ‘new’ commenter in quite awhile.
      My wife’s relatives (mother’s side) are actually from Baybay … the Barrons. We have not been through there for quite awhile though.
      Yolonda set back quite a few things, but it seems they should be back on track by now.
      I only said Temple because that’s a city most people might have heard of. Since you are from Waco though, you would know where Belton is. That’s where I’m actually from. We should be making a trip back there this August, September or October, hopefully via Space A again.
      Well it’s good to know that another fellow Texan is reading my blog. I hope that it continues to bring you enjoyment and also help you out at times. I hope to see more comments from you on future posts.

      1. UJ,

        I do indeed know about Belton. Many years I’m sure you remember that visiting Texas will be a lot more enjoyable weather wise in October than August.

        My wife says she remembers a Varron family that was their next door neighbors but couldn’t remember a Barron family. Keep up the good work on your blog. Take care.


        1. Yes visiting Central Texas in October is much cooler than visiting in August, for sure. It works out for us because mid May to mid Sept are about the busiest times for traveling Space A and we need to travel when it’s not busy. Just a side note here, did you know that in Bagiuo City there is a teacher’s camp. Only people (and guests) with teacher ids are allowed in. Pretty nice place actually, at least it was when we stayed. Half the family here is/was teachers.
          I’ll try to keep up the blog. Sometimes it more difficult to do it. I’m expecting more things to write about soon, so maybe that will make me more motivated.

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