July 19, 2024

6 thoughts on “Lita, San Mig & Me

  1. I don’t like instant coffee. When staying with my wife’s family, all they drink, of course, is the instant stuff. Last time I brought over some powdered cappucino, which helped make it palatable. They loved it, too, so it didn’t last long. This year, I had my daughter pick up a real drip coffee maker in Manila, and I’m bringing over a can of Folgers! And, it’s all mine! But, I need to find a store in Nueva Ecija that sells real ground coffee. I can’t keep bringing it from the states. If I can convince the local Filipinos to enjoy real coffee, maybe I can start selling it from our little store.

    1. Evidently I don’t know any better. I drink any kind of coffee that tastes good. We brought 3 cans of coffee with us and you’re right, it doesn’t last long when you share it. After our next trip, we won’t share it, if we get some. I’m just as happy with with the instant stuff here, but I’m new at drinking coffee, so maybe someone can give me something that will change my mind at the difference.

      1. I am like you Ice Man do not like instant coffee. Thats why I ship boxes full of brew coffee. My wife sends instant and creamer to give to her outlaws,they seam to like it better then brewed. I make a pot every morning and usually drink it myself and by the time it’s finished its beer thirty. Note Also have backup coffee pot.

        1. Ha! You’re like me: after the coffee pot has been drained, it’s about time for happy hour! When that’s over, it’s usually bedtime. Next morning, start all over!

    2. I had no problem findng ground coffee in Metro Manila, hypermarkets, tacloban, robinson’s market or purefoods, Barkado coffee is locally grown in Batangas and labled as Barkado or Black and Gold coffee as I have seen in tacloban, leyte for sale, no ground coffee sold here in Calbayog Samar yet!.

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