May 25, 2024

7 thoughts on “Sweet Voice, Sweet Ladies and Free Massage

  1. I was talking to an installer of Direct TV here in states about using their equipment in Philippines. He said that he didn’t see why it would not work there as long as you aligned the disk to satellite. He said that other people he knew had taken equipment to other country and used it. They just require you to have state side billing address.

  2. I see the Calbayog Cable TV sign above. What do you know about satellite TV availability or American programing? Sorry to bother you, but until I get there in April, I cannot live with these unanswered questions and you seem to be a much easier source than me Google’ing for hours. haha

    1. You can bother me about this stuff, I don’t mind. I don’t know about satellite TV. See that was easy.
      Oh ok! No really I don’t know about satellite TV, but they do have some American programming here. Mostly it is Fox, but with all the cable companies I know about here, you also get at least 1 HBO and 1 Cinemax with it. Rick was telling me that one cable company, I forget the name, offers 3 HBOs and a Cinemax with their cable. If you like American football, you better start looking for a place that you can watch it on your computer, because they rarely show it here, not even the Super Bowl. Of course they show a lot of basketball at all levels. And the like soccer here too. There are also a couple of other movies channels, cartoon network and a few other English (American) channels. They have Fox News that runs all day and night. They have NCIS, Bones and movies, that’s about all I need. If you have DVDs then you should bring those.

      1. No reliable Satellite TV here that I know, several American friends here purchased a Slingbox back home hooked it up to a friends TV there that has cable, the slingbox acts live a TIVO to allow recordings or watching live TV, so my friends here can receive the American Cable networks on their PC here ,set recordings, watch live broadcasts , whatever they like. I had the simple slingbox when in USA but the top of the line model allows the hot TV and receiving TV to act independently, hows that for remote control? 8653 miles from home as you channel surf!

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