May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “My First PI Dentist Cleaning

  1. She is our dentist and the one I referred Larry and Dorie to. I don’t think her singing is that good (it’s kind of annoying) and I remember suggesting to her that I would prefer her to concentrate on only one thing at a time… my teeth and not her vocals. She obliged, but I’m afraid it is her habit. And you know what they say about habits! The Xrays will only cost you about P500 John and if you think the pain will just disappear and never come back, well… you had better just get it taken care of before you need a root canal!

    1. I didn’t mind the singing and she did a very good job on my teeth with very little pain. The current pain in my tooth is almost non-existent, except when I chew on that side. I’m still going to put it off until the beginning of next month. It’s possible that I’ll regret that decision, but that’s what I’m going to do. I’m glad to know that the x-ray is only P500 though. I was wondering, and a bit worried, about that.

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