July 19, 2024

4 thoughts on “Individual Brownout

  1. John I doubt if another Power Distributor will ever move in because Samelco is a COOP. And they have the area sewed up. I think they are same Distributor for all of Samar. The only interest Samelco has is to get your money and can care less about Service. I was Renting Transformer from them since building house in 2000 and they Burned it up after that big Typhoon by Turning power on and off because it was not Grounded right. They tried to say I did it even though the Meter for house was Pulled. And was not using Power. When I arrived back had to talk to Samelco and show them where I was paying them monthly rental on transformer even if not using it. They could not even find where I was paying them even when I showed them bill. They said that they no longer Rent Transformer and wanted to charge me 1800 Pesos to hook-up to Barangay Transformer. I tried to explain to them the reason I was on my own Transformer was because the Barangay Transformer was not big enough for me and the Barangay without up Grading it and they said it was not in their Budget. I said well that’s a stupid Reason a Power company should have Transformer in stock. I guess they only order them when one burns up. Samelco is worst Power company I have ever dealt with. They even told me to remodel my house so they would not have to up-grade to bigger Transformer. Ha! Ha!

    1. I can dream though. With Duterte in office who knows what will happen if they keep giving lousy service.

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