July 19, 2024

5 thoughts on “Exercising my Computer

  1. John, I got an 8Gb SD memory card if you want to borrow it for your trip, actually i got 2Gb my cp,4 and 8 Gb for our camera,but you can use the 8Gb if you want a back up

    Got a craving for ribs earlier this week took Flor,lil bro Jun,lil sis Jen, and friend Angelica to Marcial’s grill, we ordered 2 big bites,2 giant bites of the ribs,2 orders french fries,baked scallops,spring rolls,order chicken fingers, then one leche flan,2 banana splits for dessert, total bill inc.p100 tip, P1630, so P326 per person, drinks were 4 mango shakes and a bottomless ice tea included in that price.

    1. Thanks Rick, I just may take you up on that offer. It’s been a few days since your last comment, I was wondering where you were. I guess you’ve been busy thinking about those ribs. I know I thought about them for a week after we had them. Now I get to think about them all over again. Our anniversary is on 7 April and I’d like to take her there for that, but the odds don’t look good since we have to save for our trip to Korea/Texas. You never know what will happen though.

  2. What I heard was that these “walking stations” are set on like 1/2 mile p/hour. I guess if you just keep moving it is supposed to be better than sitting all day, which is why my back hurts all the time. I think you could modify any treadmill to work. Even the idea of a standing workstation would be better than sitting for hours on end.

    1. That’s interesting. I’d consider something like that, but I didn’t see any prices listed and that always scares me. I know it’d work for me because when I’m engrossed in the computer, I forget about everything. I usually don’t even eat until my stomach starts screaming at me, because I lose track of time.

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